Wanna have some fun whilst getting fit? Wanna play a video game at the same time? Shape Up has got you covered!

Coming exclusively to Xbox One on November 14th, Shape Up combines proven fitness methods with an entertaining and rewarding 90 second workout all displayed with a unique arcade style.

Using Kinect and comprising of three game modes, players will have a head to toe image of themselves projected into the game which will aid in keeping track of their workouts and calories burned each session as they engage in quirky points-driven fitness challenges.


Shape Up is looking to bring a little fun to the serious world of ‘getting fit’ and with the power of Xbox One and Kinect behind it, there’s no reason to not achieve better results….and the mobile app will mean even those with a more hectic lifestyle can get in on the action.

We have four trailers in all and these can be found on our YouTube channel, one of which is below.


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