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Rock of Ages has allowed players to smash, bash, crash and roll their way through multiple stages over the years, with great humour and fun accompanying every tale. And even though the launch of Rock of Ages 3 back in July failed to see the series hit new heights, those at Modus Games are seemingly intent on pushing it on further. Free DLC is a great way of doing that. 

Available to download into Rock of Ages 3 right this minute is the absolutely free, costing zero cash, Retro Boulder. Yep, a boulder which infuses a little bit of a retro twist onto the modern day Rock of Ages experience. 

And well, that’s pretty much it really, and so I’m not sure exactly how, what, why or when I should be expanding on what is being delivered. It’s a boulder. It’s retro. It’s free. Fill your boots. 

As always with anything like this though, don’t expect this Retro Boulder addition to Rock of Ages 3 to change your gaming experience up too much. In fact, don’t expect it to change things up at all other than with a little bit of a retro visual twist. I mean, it looks nice and all, and it’s great that there is zero requirement to push out any more cash, but will it really draw anyone back into the game? Well that all depends on whether Modus have ironed out the issues with the game. You see, upon launch and during our review, glitches were present, uninspiring levels failed to really hammer home the joy that a Rock of Ages game should bring, and the level editor was more than a little clunky. 

Due to those reasons it would be foolish to expect too many to dive straight back in thanks to the arrival of some free content, but if you liked it first time around and want to see how things work with a less than spherical rock in place, then the time is now. Be sure to let us know in the comments how you see it working. 

The Xbox Store will sort out the DLC for Xbox One players. Those preferring other formats should head to their own store. 

DLC Description:

Unlock Retro Boulder for use in-game!

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