Hi-Rez studios are due to announce that the account merge feature for Smite is now available.

If you’ve played Smite on the P.C, you’ve probably been waiting for this feature, as it carries over any purchases and unlocks from the P.C to the Xbox One version.


Sadly Gems, Mastery levels, Stats & achievements won’t carry over, so be sure to use your gems to unlock any skins you’d like to carry over.

You can read the official FAQ HERE

It’s a pretty straightforward process of linking your accounts, by confirming both your Xbox and HiRez accounts, and then accepting the link to also unlock the Zeus ‘X’ skin for both accounts, so if you want to jump straight in, you can do so by CLICKING HERE.

The transfer which adds your PC data on top of any current Xbox data, and while it will be open from now for Alpha and early access users until after the official release on Xbox One, this is a one-time merge, so after this both accounts will run independantly, so you might want to hold off until you’ve spent those gems if you’re a regular P.C player.

Finally here’s the official account merging tutorial video from Hi-Rez,

Be sure to check back soon as TXH bring you more news on Smite closer to the official release.

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