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There aren’t many game developers who seemingly focus their entire lives providing gamers with the opportunity to fall into the life of a bunny. But DillyFrame Games are different and hot on the heels of launching the odd Bunny Parking to Xbox One, comes another rabbit themed affair – SokoBunny.

Available to purchase from the Xbox Store and download on your Xbox One this very instant, SokoBunny is the latest in DillyFrame’s back catalogue to make its way to Xbox One – and yep, it seems like they have more to come soon – testing the minds of gamers looking for a fun little puzzling hit.

Priced at just £4.14, SokoBunny has you joining the bunny resistance as the local village residents struggle to cope with demand for their crates. With the orders coming in thick and fast, it’ll be down to you – and a mate should they so wish – to organise all the goods in the village warehouse. Shifting boxes from one spot to another is the name of the game here with SokoBunny and by utilising the same method as found in Bunny Parking – the humble kick – you’ll be able to push your goods to specified points. Place them all correctly and you’ll find yourself fast moving up in the world, the bunny village grateful for your assistance, and opportunities opening up for you to embark on bigger, trickier, puzzling tests.

A solo player will no doubt find some form of enjoyment in SokoBunny but by teaming up with a mate via the online cooperative mode, things get better still. More than 150 levels await too, and with these spread over three different difficulty levels, you should find that the progression works wonderfully. But further to that and there are other things to enjoy too – games of football with your rabbit colleagues, the chance to ride your favourite forklift truck and the opportunity to go bouncing on trampolines. Why? No idea, but the options are there.

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Of course, only our full review of SokoBunny on Xbox One will be able to provide the details required as to whether this is a worthy purchase or not, so make sure you keep an eye out for it. If you’re sold though, and fancy embarking on a rather weird little playthrough, then get over to the Xbox Store right now.

Game Description:

Lost in the mountains, the working village continues to work for the benefit of the universe. Orders for cargo continue to arrive and local bunnies no longer cope with the tasks. They sent you to the cargo village to help organize all the goods in their place at the warehouse, but you will have to work hard for this. You can choose between 3 levels of difficulty of the warehouse, relax with the locals, swim, jump and of course kick. Take a friend with you to cooperative mode to solve warehouse maze puzzles faster. You only have your powerful paws for cargo kicks and you can do it! Entertainment: In addition to solving the main problem in the labyrinths of the warehouse, you can kick the locals, relax in hammocks, swim, play football and get perks in a local cafe. And you can ride and have fun in cars.


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