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Jason Voorhees is a name that should send shivers down your spine and instil a fear like no other. Well, now you can get a taste of what it’s like to spend some time in the blood-soaked boots of the famous killer as Friday the 13th: The Game sees its price tag slashed to pieces on Xbox One thanks Games With Gold. So, do you fancy a one-way ticket to Camp Crystal Lake, and other recognisable locations from the film series, free of charge?

Normally priced at £15.99, Friday the 13th: The Game is currently available at no cost to Xbox Live Gold members as it’s one of the chosen games for October’s Games With Gold. It’s fair to say our review will attest to the fact that it had a rocky launch way back in 2017, but in the time since then has seen definite improvements made to the experience.

It’s a completely multiplayer orientated survival game, with some folks playing as Counsellors and one person selected to embrace the killing machine, Jason Voorhees. For the Counsellors, surviving is a case of stealthily hiding, working together with others to manage an escape, or taking the fight to Jason. There are multiple ways to succeed, but every action will have a consequence and sometimes selfish decisions have to be made. To keep you on your toes, no single plan is ever a consistently reliable one and adapting to the situation as it unfolds is often the only way to approach the deathly night ahead.

As Jason, the aim is to stalk the unsuspecting prey, launch ambushes at every opportunity and ensure the soon-to-be victims are trembling in fear wondering what on earth you’re going to do next. The longer the night of terror progresses, the stronger you’ll become and the more frightening it is for the Counsellors to be hunted by you. In order to give you the edge over the opposition, Jason also possesses a number of abilities to help in the hunt and once his sights are set on the next victim, is able to perform a variety of horrific kill manoeuvres.

Friday the 13th: The Game sounds rather lovely, eh? Well, with Halloween coming up, it seems like the ideal game to download from the Xbox Store for a truly terrifying time. Be swift though, for it’s only free until 15th November, at which point the price will go back up!

Game Description:

Play as Jason Voorhees! For the first time ever, you will have the opportunity to play as Jason Voorhees, the most famous killer in horror. Stalk your prey, ambush them whenever you see fit and strike fear in the hearts of so many hapless victims as you become the legend himself! Friday the 13th: The Game will include a variety of kills, new and familiar, that will help you set the tone for the Jason Voorhees that you want to be. You’ll even get to unlock various Jason incarnations from the movies! Jason will be equipped with a terrifying array of abilities, giving you the control of a hunter at the height of his game. These are his woods, and he knows them all too well. Jason will not only feed off the fear of his victims, but will become stronger as the night progresses. The darker the night, the more terrifying Jason becomes! Fans of the movies will be able to play as various versions of Jason, including: Friday the 13th, Part II  Friday the 13th, Part III Friday the 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives Friday the 13th, Part VII: New Blood Friday the 13th, Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan  Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday How Will You Survive?


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