Finnish developers, Dreamloop Games have today announced that Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax will be coming to Xbox One and PS4…and the good news is we won’t have to wait very long at all.

Dropping in on Xbox One come Sept 9th, and then releasing on PS4 from Sept 12th, the definitive ‘Stellar Climax’ edition of Stardust Galaxy Warriors will also replace the version available on Steam. The 1-4 player local cooperative arcade shooter is priced at $9.99 USD/CAD/ €9.99 EUR and give you the chance to take control of five unique mechs in a battle to the death.

With a vast array of primary, secondary and superweapons, each mech will be kitted out with its own special ability too. In fact, there will be over 11 quadrillion (yes that’s a lot) possible difficulty settings for a truly customizable co-op experience.

A tongue-in-cheek story will cover the 30 stages, epic boss battles, and intense rapid-fire action found within as players are thrown into experimental mechs, and sent to investigate a deep space anomaly. What they find will change their universe forever, or, as the devs themselves put it…’Let’s be honest, you need to fly right and shoot things while snatching upgrades and trying to outscore your friends or beat your previous high score.’

It all sounds great fun though and with three game modes in place – Campaign, Gauntlet, Challenge – a New Game Plus and a ton of new features, we can’t wait for it to drop on Xbox One. If you’re at PAX West, then make sure you drop by the Dreamloop Games booth (Booth #7109) and pay the guys a visit

“We’ve dreamed of launching on consoles since we first started this project so long ago. Console games are also probably a bit more likely to be played with friends, and that’s what we’ve been after for SGW since the beginning”, said Steve Stewart, company Co-Founder.

“Not a lot of players on PC are playing with four people on the couch”, said Stewart, “but on consoles it’s a bit different, and I’ve gotta’ say: I adore the way this looks on a 70-inch TV. This is the perfect arcade shooter for consoles.”

“We’ll be at PAX, showing off SGW, and I’m really excited to take Stellar Climax out in the open for the first time. I love to see player reactions, and hear feedback, so I really hope people will come by and let me know what they think.”

As always, we’ll be sure to remind you when it arrives.


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