You may have heard of StickyLock Games, for it was they who helped deliver the wonderfully woolly world of Woven to console previously. Now though that same indie game developer are looking to create a game-changing first person shooter – Histera.

Planned for full release on all major platforms including those of VR, Histera should arrive in full in early 2022. Before that time there is hope that a Steam Early Access release will occur in late 2021.

But what is it? Well, Histera is a multiplayer first-person shooter that takes place in multiple simulated eras and moments in history, as well as taking players into the future. When it does arrive, it should also be possible for players to run around in high-tech armor fighting a rebel uprising, or stomp around in primitive clothes with improvised weapons, as they go about fighting a rival tribe.

Histeria will see players experience vastly different surroundings, outfits and weapons that will force them to change up their tactics and resources as they see fit. The game will also include several unique never-before-seen features, competitive e-sports style gameplay and an amazing level-editor option for all players.

This will be StickyLock’s debut developmental title, yet with a team that consists of over 40 creative artists and developers who have been working on the game for the last 2 years, hopes are high.

“By using the latest Unity DOTS and Netcode we can bring some unique features to this game,” said lead developer Mitchel Alberts. “We are working hard to bring it to Steam for early access by the end of this year.”

Histera is developed and published by StickyLock Games and planned to be released in 2022 on all major platforms (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC, probably) including VR. Steam early access is scheduled for late 2021. Let us know if you’ll be keeping an eye out for this one.

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