tornado energy

Whisk yourself back 12 months and Xbox One gamers were taken to a world corrupted by a manic soft drinks company, hell bent on putting money before health and safety as the energy drink OverCharge Delirium XT threatened to ruin the world.

The plot behind Sunset Overdrive was a crazed one, one that we never thought would ever make it to the real world.

But if you were to visit sunny Birmingham in the UK between the 24th-27th Sept 2015, you may have thought that the events of Sunset City were becoming reality.

EGX 2015 was in town, bringing games and gamers together in perfect harmony. Xbox had sewn up one side of the gaming spectrum, Playstation the other, with Nintendo happily sitting pretty in the middle bringing joy to the masses with their hot colours and huge emphasis on fun. Gamers were in heaven, but there was one thing that threatened to ruin the whole event…Tornado!

Now, I’d never previously heard of this energy drink prior to the show, but now, as I open my umpteenth can in an attempt to power on through the post show lethargy, it’s something that I would happily never see again.

The problem isn’t with the product itself however. Yes it’s addictive as hell, but coming in three distinct flavours; Storm, Active and Ice, it’s easily down-able and tastes a hell of a lot better than other products on the market. With vitamins, taurine, guarana and caffeine filling each and every one of the black cans, if you’re looking for a mental or physical pick me up, it does the job brilliantly.

The issue however comes about with the hugely annoying resealable can puller – the USP if you will. With four days being spent at EGX, I lost count at how many times I was sprayed with the delightful sticky substance as I queued for the chance to check out the world’s best games. A quick pull of the opener would send spray firing out numerous feet, covering each and every person who dared to stand within the vicinity. After four days, many clothes were tainted with the damn stuff and the floor at the NEC in Birmingham is quite probably still being cleaned as we speak. It was everywhere, very nearly taking the entire show down with it!

It’s all well and good promoting your product by teaming up with Just Cause 3 and we shouldn’t really complain about anyone who is delighted to give away numerous cans of their product, with the guys and girls on the Tornado stands being more than happy to oblige with piling the nation full of the stuff, but in scenes straight out of Sunset Overdrive itself, perhaps it wasn’t really the best call in the world.

At least fix that damn ring pull and let us get addicted in peace, or maybe next time we’ll bring our High Fidelity gun!


  1. HAHA, Amen to that. Not to mention the 1 inch nails needed to open it initially as the plastic was too close to the rim.


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