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Developed by Whales and Games, Townseek is a new exploration trading game, one that focuses on the relaxation side of life. Now though it’s joined the Super Rare Originals line-up, ahead of releasing on PC and console. 

Due to release on PC and console (we’re guessing and crossing our fingers at Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch), Townseek will have you exploring the world of Explora, discovering exotic landmarks, trading goods with the most faraway of towns, partaking in a bit of fishing (you’ve got to have fishing in your relaxathon), mining and farming as you go. 

Your main task – as ever – is to make a mark on the town, to create a bit of a name for yourself as the go-to townsperson. Townseek promises to give you the tools to do just that. 

In fact, there’s a host of key features… 

  • DISCOVER A PICTURESQUE WORLD – Explore a gorgeous hand-drawn world at your own pace! Uncover unique locations, spawning lush forests, freezing icebergs, vast deserts, striking volcanos, and more.
  • TRADE WITH UNIQUE TOWNS – Trade with town hosts for unique items and profit! Complete quests for them to improve your reputation and unlock upgrades and cosmetics. Discover diverse cultures of sharkfolk, cats, slimes, stonelings, regular humans, and more!
  • MAKE IT YOUR JOURNEY – There are tons of things to do all over Explora! Need a break from trading? Obtain new blimps and hulls to customise your airship. Buy a fishing rod and go catch peculiar fish. Mine one-of-a-kind artefacts. Dig for treasure. Farm for exotic fruits. Make the journey your own!
  • COMPLETE YOUR JOURNAL – Reassemble the journal bestowed upon you by Captain Jawline and discover the lost legacy of Sir Reginald Sharkingston! Fill it with memories of your own travels, strive to complete your item collection, and make this a truly unforgettable adventure!

There’s a new trailer to get excited about so we’d advise you to ping that onto your watchlist, but from there expect to see Townseek rocking up during the Steam Next Fest as the development team at Whales and Games join forces with Super Rare to push this onto their Originals line-up. You can get wishlisting it on Steam if you like, but otherwise hold tight and we’ll keep you in the loop as to that console drop. 

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