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Wanna go wild in the aisles? Supermarket Shriek is here and it’ll give you the opportunity to indulge in a bit of proper (shopping) kart racing on Xbox One.

Forget the upcoming Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled and put Sonic Team Racing to one side, for today is all about the wonders of supermarket shopping as Supermarket Shriek launches on Xbox One. Priced up at £14.99 or available as part of the Xbox Game Pass, Supermarket Shriek will give you the chance to save not just yourself, not the world around you, but oodles of cash on the very best supermarket deals.

Running as a kart racer set in a near dystopian future of an alternate reality world, Supermarket Shriek on Xbox One will see you navigating your way through and round deadly obstacles and numerous challenges found in shops, boutiques, and as the name suggests, supermarkets.

A total of 32 single player or cooperative stages will play host to this madness, with a unique two-button control scheme ensuring that Supermarket Shriek is a fairly simple pick up and play affair. Further to that though things will get even simpler to understand – possibly – when you go at this weird adventure with a friend and the single button control scheme that it allows.

Drop in an 8-player Party Mode, the chance to see your name up in lights on the online leaderboards, and the opportunity to race against downloadable ghosts and Supermarket Shriek on Xbox One should certainly be a bit of a laugh – particularly should you have Xbox Game Pass to hand and not have to worry about an extra payout.

Features of Supermarket Shriek on Xbox One include:

  • Story Mode 32 single player/ co-op levels
  • Unique two button control scheme (single player)
  • Even more unique single button control scheme (co-op)
  • Even, even more unique “Duet” microphone control scheme (also co-op, but more mad)
  • 8 Player Party Mode
  • (If you’re reading this list not so) Secret parody levels
  • Online leaderboards and downloadable ghosts
  • Hats!

Interested? You can grab yourself a copy of Supermarket Shriek on Xbox One right now for £14.99. Alternatively, should you be an Xbox Game Pass subscription holder then you’ll find the game available for free. Head on over to the Xbox Store and go mad in the aisles.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming review too!

Game Description:

Join our unlikely duo in this unique (shopping) kart racer as they traverse precarious obstacles and complete deadly challenges inside a range of shops, boutiques and supermarkets. Set in a near future dystopian alternate reality universe world (probably) our heroes must go on a journey to discover something deep within themselves and ultimately save save SAVE! On 3 for 2 items in the canned food isle, while stocks last (Ts and Cs apply). Propel our heroes using their wild, incomprehensible screams! Embark on this adventure solo or enlist the help of a friend for a co-op experience like no other. But wait, there’s more! Are your thumbs tired from all your evenings l33t gaming pawning n00bs? Why not dust off two of those old USB microphones you’ve had since the music rhythm game boom of 2007 and try our “Duet” co-op mode? Harmonise and avoid being pulverised in a mode that will have your neighbours talking! Bonus: Includes 2-8 player party mode. Please shop responsibly.

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