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Swing, dash, flip, zip, trick and yo-yo – Penny’s Big Breakaway is available now!


Pennys Big Breakaway keyart
Pennys Big Breakaway is on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC

From the Sonic Mania team comes a game bursting with kinetic energy. Playing out as a 3D platformer full of innovation, are you ready to swing, dash, flip, zip and trick your way through Penny’s Big Breakaway?

Present on the digital stores of Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam) is Penny’s Big Breakaway. It comes from Private Division and Evening Star, as the minds behind Sonic Mania come together for an all-new platforming adventure. 

Penny goes on a Big Breakaway

In Penny’s Big Breakaway you play as Penny – no surprised there, we guess. Penny is a yo-tagonist, working with her comic Yo-Yo companion, attempting to escape from Eddie the Emperor and the penguin forces of evil. 

What this means is that in Penny’s Big Breakaway you’ll get whisked off to no less than eleven of the finest game worlds, taking in dozens of stages and levels. Each of these promise challenge and style, along with non-stop action and some seriously intense gameplay. Thankfully Penny is more than up for the job at hand – see, she’s an agile, acrobatic aerialist. 

And in Penny’s Big Breakaway you’ll find that every single obstacle can become an opportunity to showcase those skills. Utilising the environment is key here in fact, with multiple game modes also present. It’ll be the Story Mode which is front and centre, but a Time Attack Mode adds to things. 


The thing is, whilst Penny is one star, she’s not the only one – she comes complete with Yo-Yo.

Throughout the game, you can unlock tasty treats which her Yo-Yo can snack on. When consumed, these delicious items will temporarily unlock new power ups such as increased movement speed, a protective shield, and many more. In addition to powerups, Penny’s Yo-Yo can pick up various single-use tools, which can be used to bust down walls revealing secret treasure or magnetically attach to new surfaces for greater exploration. Her versatile Yo-Yo might be hungry for chaos, but it could also be just the trick to clear her name and absolve her of this massive mix-up.

“Great platformers are iconic in our industry, and we think Penny’s Big Breakaway stands out as a truly unique and incredibly fun entry in such a beloved genre,” said Christian Whitehead, Creative Director at Evening Star. “We have been thrilled with the fan response of Penny’s Big Breakaway so far and can’t wait to see the leaderboards light up as players get into the game.”

“The team of developers at Evening Star have a strong track record in creating incredible platforming experiences, and with Penny’s Big Breakaway they’ve created an entry into the genre that’s nonstop fun with broad appeal,” said Rachael Berkman, Producer at Private Division. “From platforming enthusiasts to adamant speedrunners alike, we think Penny will capture the hearts of players around the world.”

Key Features

  • Walk the Dog: Yo-Yo’s big appetite will earn an even bigger reward with snack power-ups! Use these tasty treats to temporarily transform Yo-Yo, granting it the abilities to improve movement speed, protect Penny from harm, and much more!
  • Around the World: Flee from Eddie the Emperor’s massive penguin army as they chase you clear across the planet! These clumsy flightless birds patrol the halls, come bursting through walls, and will stop at nothing to seize you! Help out friendly denizens along the way and make use of your spectacular surroundings to evade your capturers.
  • Encore Stage: Play your way with multiple game modes! Show off your skills as you chain awesome combos and rack up multipliers in Story Mode. Take on the ultimate speedrunning challenge and dominate the leaderboard in Time Attack Mode. Redeem coins for bonus items, secret stages, and more unlockable extras.

Purchase Penny’s Big Breakaway now!

Sold? Penny’s Big Breakaway is on the Xbox Store right now. It’s priced at £24.99, playable on Xbox Series X|S. There’s no Xbox One love here though. 

Alternatively, find Penny’s Big Breakaway on PlayStation, PC and Nintendo Switch. 

Want a review? Yeah, we’ll get on it… 

Penny’s Big Adventure Description

Ready. Set. YO! – Join Penny & Yo-Yo in a kinetic 3D-platformer bursting with innovative gameplay! Showcase your catalog of tricks and chain impressive combos to deliver Penny & Yo-Yo’s perfect breakout performance. Take the stage with this vibrant pair in Penny’s Big Breakaway.

Penny is a street performer with big dreams; she has her own spin on what it takes to be a star! When Eddie the Emperor calls for new Palace Court Performers, Penny gets herself tangled in an audition she’ll never forget. A strange encounter with a Cosmic String transforms Penny’s Yo-Yo into a living creature with an appetite for snacks— and mayhem! Use Yo-Yo to help Penny clear her name, outrun the Emperor’s penguin army, and unravel the mystery of the Cosmic String.

Burst onto the scene in the fluorescent world of Macaroon, home to this over-and-under escape! Discover your true star power in this easy-to-play, difficult-to-master challenge. Penny’s Big Breakaway is the debut title from Evening Star.

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