We’ve had to cast a jealous eye at other formats, but now Table Top Racing: World Tour has been confirmed to make an Xbox One appearance…and it won’t be too long before we get the chance to check it out.

Indie developer Playrise Digital have today confirmed that its miniature powered-up combat racer, Table Top Racing: World Tour will hit Xbox One come 10th March 2017 – all with a rather great £11.99/€14.99/$14.99 price tag attached. But it won’t be the same game as seen elsewhere as the Xbox One version will have all the content released to date included in one big bundle, meaning that the mulitplayer fragmentation that previously hit the game will not be present with this latest version.

Playrise have also added voice-com support allowing you to celebrate a victory or taunt a rival across the multiplayer races and lobbies.

“Our small but hugely talented Indie dev team at Playrise Digital have worked wonders with Table Top Racing: World Tour for Xbox One!” commented Nick Burcombe, CEO and Game Director of Table Top Racing at Playrise Digital, “I really hope Xbox One players fall in love with its slick gameplay, cut-throat 8-player online multiplayer and tongue in cheek humour. We’re very excited to finally bring TTR to XBOX One and we’ve made a number of tweaks and improvements to it too!”

Table Top Racing: World Tour for Xbox One allows players to jump into the driving seats of 16 super-cool miniaturised racing cars, taking a grand tour of 8 unique locations around the world. There will be 32 courses to master and 12 Championship Trophies to collect, consisting of more than 120 individual events, 9 different gameplay modes, plus an additional 54 rule-bending special events.

To fully complete special event challenges, players must learn all tracks inside out while effectively dealing with route changing destructible objects mid race. Players will also need to discover and utilise multiple shortcuts per track as well as unlocking and mastering ‘Super-Weapons’ and ‘Wheel-Weapons’…

But it won’t be just the extensive single player mode that keeps you busy in Table Top Racing because you’ll also be able to jump online and challenge up to 8 friends with the vindictive-yet-addictive multi-player combat mode…all in order to find out who is the ultimate Table Top Racer!

Features include:

  • 8 PvP online multiplayer combat racing
  • 9 Unique gameplay modes spread throughout the Championships
  • 120+ Varied and challenging events
  • 32 Dynamic circuits based around 8 themed locations
  • 16 Ultra-cool micro racers inspired by some of the world’s most iconic cult cars
  • 8 Cunning Power-Up weapons many with attack and defence capabilities to explore
  • 6 Super-powerful “Wheel Weapons” to give you the upper hand
  • Official “YO! Sushi” race track
  • 25+ Track exclusive Breakbeat soundtrack by @ItsWesSmithYo (Juice Recordings, San Diego)

We can’t wait until the 10th March – will we be seeing you for some pocket sized racing madness?


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