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Over the course of the last year or so, Lightwood Games have filled out the digital libraries of Xbox and PlayStation with all manner of clever word puzzles in the form of their ‘by Powgi’ games. Today though they focus on the blooming of Flowers by POWGI. 

Available to purchase and download on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S (fully optimised), PS4 and PS5, Flowers by POWGI covers the same tradition of those games which have gone before it to test the old grey matter of gamers in ways they didn’t think were possible. 

Also available on Nintendo Switch as part of the Word Puzzles by POWGI Deluxe Edition, Flowers by POWGI will have players working through multiple anagrams as they place letters on flower petals, helping see words grow through the centre of the flower itself. 

It’s a clever idea and when you consider how previous By POWGI titles have played out – Word Sudoku, One Word, Roundout, Crypto, Ladders, Mixups, Gaps and Alphaset – you should really know what to expect with Flowers. Yep, that means tons of puzzles, little teases of help when you need them and, hopefully, some more of those cracking dad jokes that Lightwood are fast becoming known for. 

A price of £6.69 is all you need to stump up to get access to Flowers by POWGI on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S, with the Xbox Store the best place to visit in order to get involved in the action. From there, the puzzles will certainly begin to grow. 

You’ll also find Flowers available on the PlayStation Store and Nintendo eShop. 

Let us know if you decide to pick this one, and keep an eye out for a review of Flowers by POWGI on Xbox Series X|S from us soon. 

Game Description:

This unique anagram puzzle is a bunch of fun! Plant letters on the petals to grow words through the middle of the flower!

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