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Are you ready for the final instalment in the point-and-click adventures found in Deponia? Deponia Doomsday is due to release on Xbox One and PS4, today!

Daedalic Entertainment have today confirmed that the fourth and final chapter of the popular Deponia series is today coming to Xbox One and PS4. Priced up at £15.99/$19.99 and available from the usual digital stores – Xbox Store or PlayStation Store – those playing on the latter will also be able to pick it up in full physical format, as a retail version is also arriving.

Deponia Doomsday sees the flying city of Elysium fallen, as the hideous Fewlocks inhabit the junk planet Deponia and Rufus is left to apparently be the sole human survivor. There is only one way out – Deponia must be blown up.

Terrified, Rufus awakes in his bed, unaware if what he had just taken in was a dream, a nightmare or a vision. Fortunately, he gets to check this right away as the oddball Professor McChronicle has detected several time anomalies. It’s rather handy then that Rufus finds a time machine and immediately sets out to duly muddle up the past, present and future.

If you have been one to dip your toe into the Deponia waters on Xbox One previously, with either Chaos on Deponia, or Goodbye Deponia, then you will know exactly what to expect from the arrival of Deponia Doomsday.

Features include:

  • Dystopia vs. Utopia mixed with Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium and Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar – Welcome to Deponia Doomsday!
  • Fan service: Some players called for an alternate ending and another part to the Deponia saga – Deponia Doomsday is Daedalic’s definite answer
  • Goal, Lonzo, Lotti and even Wenzel – Reunions with familiar and over 70 new oddball characters
  • The player discovers the floating city of Elysium for the first time
  • With around 20 hours of gameplay and over 100 game backgrounds, Deponia Doomsday is the largest and most elaborate Deponia game so far

If you wish to give it a shot, then make sure you hit up those digital stores today. It may be some 3 years or so since Deponia Doomsday initially arrived, but a console release is still very much appreciated.

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