The award winning sandbox game from Team17 and Mouldy Toof, The Escapists, is getting a brand new challenge via DLC next week. Are you up to the task?

Four inmates are locked up in a military prison for crimes they haven’t committed and now it’s time to break free. To escape you will have to play by the rules, you definitely don’t want to attract unwanted attention from the soldiers on guard and be on the hunt for special crafting ingredients. Got it? We hope so, because we love it when a plan comes together! (As long as there are no planes…)


The Escapists – Escape Team DLC features:

An exclusive new military themed prison map to escape from

6 new achievements/trophies to unlock


If you’re looking to pick the Escape Team DLC up then you’ll only have to wait until the 30th June for it to hit Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It is expected to cost £2.99/$4.49 on consoles and £2.99/$3.99 on PC.

Can you break out the E-Team?

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