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The free-to-play eFootball 2022 Season 1 Version 1.0.0 is now available on Xbox, PlayStation and PC


efootball 2022 season 1

Thought you’d seen the last of eFootball 2022 with the disastrous – limited – launch back in 2021? Think again because Konami are now in a place to push forward with their plans for world domination with eFootball 2022 Season 1 version 1.0.0. Not only is it available to download today on Xbox, PlayStation and PC, but it finally adds a whole host of new modes, licenses and features to proceedings. Perhaps it’s time to forget what happened in the past and give Konami and eFootball another shot?

Launching on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC through Windows and Steam is the official launch of eFootball 2022 V1.0.0.

This builds on what was previously available – which to be honest was severely limited and utter rubbish – to instead help Konami take it to EA and hope to lift the footballing crown.

There’s much going on with eFootball 2022 and the Version 1.0.0 launch, and this has been designed to recreate the battle for the ball between players, and the unique team tactics that are often seen in the football world. New controls have been added, giving players more options for any situation on the pitch, with the opportunity to experience tactical battles based on real-world football ideologies.

A brand new element: “Season” has been added too. Each Season’s theme will reflect hot topics in the real footballing world and will in turn deliver a wide variety of events to match. The theme of Season 1 is that of “New Gameplay Approach, Team Building, & Licenses”, allowing players to experience the exciting offensive and defensive element often seen in real-world football. Konami reckon this is being perfectly replicated in eFootball 2022.

There is also the addition of the game mode ‘Dream Team’ – previously introduced as ‘Creative Team’. This lets players enjoy building their very own team, playing against other “Dream Teams” from around the world, and experiencing as many titanic clashes of differing footballing ideologies as there are users.

After an initial week-long “Start-up period”, various in-game events matching with the theme of Season 1 will be held from April 21st.

And finally, eFootball 2022 adds in new licenses from both Japan and North America, Meiji Yasuda J1 League, Meiji Yasuda J2 League, MLS Players Association and USL Championship.

After the initial soft launch of eFootball back in 2021, we held off on review, mostly as what was delivered by Konami felt like nothing more than a rushed demo. Now though, with eFootball 2022 V1.0.0, it’s time for full review to kick in. Be sure to let us have some time with the game and deliver our full thoughts in the coming days and weeks.

For now, the key features that are hitting eFootball 2022 V1.0.0 are as follows (and yes, this is a lengthy old list as you would expect):

New Gameplay Approach

Player and Ball Behaviour
Player and ball behaviour, on which football is based upon, have been rebuilt from the ground up. With the help of research institutes in Japan, ball trajectories have been improved. The behaviour of the ball on the pitch was analysed and the factors that affect the behaviour was identified. Based on the results of this research, more realistic ball trajectories in this work have been reproduced. From dipping shots and bending crosses, to top-spin through balls and ricochets from blocked shots — users can now experience realistic ball behaviour within many different scenarios. Natural player behaviours, and ball behaviours that take rotation, bounce, and friction into account. All of these elements help create the “moment of suspense” that are often experienced in modern football. When dribbling past opponents and breaking through the last line of defence with passing plays, these are the factors that give the exhilaration football fans desire.

Tactical Team Battles
In addition to individual player behaviour, engaging in tactical battles by including teamplay elements that are prevalent in modern-day football has also become possible. Individual and team — the bases for these elements have been restructured so that “familiar” scenarios in real-world football will now be replicated throughout matches. Ultimately, these changes made it possible to create a football game in which “football-like” decisions at any given moment could be the deciding factor between winning and losing.

“Stunning Kick”
This is one of the most ground-breaking mechanisms that have been incorporated in the game. Low passes, lofted passes, and crosses alike; now users can play all kinds of incisive passes using “Stunning Kicks”. The feeling of making that decisive pass, and the sense of achievement when players break down the opposition, has never been any greater.

Types of Stunning Pass

Stunning Low Pass: A powerful pass aimed towards the feet of the receiving teammate. The ball will tend to float for passes of longer distance.
Stunning Lofted Pass: A lower and pacier pass compared to a normal lofted pass.
Stunning Through Ball: A speedier version of the normal Through Ball, that will tend to end closer to the receiver’s feet
Stunning Chipped Through Ball: Pacier than the normal Chipped Through Ball, with a slightly lowered trajectory. Furthermore, the ball will tend to end closer to the receiver’s feet than usual.
Stunning Cross: A slightly lowered and speedier cross. It will also carry a stronger curl.
Stunning Low Cross: Speedier and with more whip than the normal Low Cross, the ball will also tend to bounce just in front of the receiver when applied
Stunning Shots

Pacier and more accurate than the normal shots, with a myriad of shot trajectories on offer
With this update, players can now use Stunning Shots to attempt different types of shots depending on the players’ Skills, such as Dipping Shot, Knuckle Shot, and Rising Shot.
As with all Stunning Kicks, it takes the player more time to wind up the shot, creating a risk/reward element, so needs a strategy to create space and free allies
Pass-and-run (Cross Over)
The new “Pass-and-run (Cross Over)” enables combinations through “diagonal movements” that are often seen in real-world football. New offensive patterns are created in the center of the pitch and on the flanks.

Defensive Tactics and Changes in Command Settings
On this update, the defensive command settings have been changed so that the ball can be taken away intuitively. Player behaviour has also been enhanced to make defensive plays more satisfying. Furthermore, team defending elements have also been added to the game to ensure that the best outcomes can be achieved by making the right decisions based on the football ideologies.


This is a command in which users can win the ball back proactively
Players will move towards the ball and once they are within reach of the ball, they will then perform a standing tackle

Tricky dribblers can be managed by using “Match-up”, a defensive option that allows the user to careful track and contain the opposition rather than proactively trying to win the ball back
By driving the opponent to the side while keeping the body facing the defender, user can bide time and wait for an opportune moment to take back possession of the ball
Call for Pressure

A new addition to the game as a part of this update, “Call for Pressure” is a command in which the entire team will work in tandem to recover possession
Utilizing this feature triggers a teammate to pressure the ball carrier, allowing the user to choose to cover space or double up
New Team Building “Dream Team”

Introducing “Dream Team”
This is a brand-new game mode where users can build their own original team linked with “Season” by signing players and managers by making use of in-game items (e.g. GP that users can acquire by playing different in-game matches) and compete against other users from around the world.

In “Dream Team”, users can handpick and sign players and managers that are consistent with their football ideology
Develop and strengthen players through training and leveling system, so that they match with users’ own playstyle
Organise team through signing and developing players, finding the Team Playstyle that suits best, build own “Dream Team”, and bring users’ football ideology to life
Compete against other “Dream Teams” built by other users from around the world, with the option to also play against the CPU in special events* to earn rewards
Themed enjoyment linked with “Season”
A “Season”, which will run for a limited period, will have a theme for the events users can play in using their Dream Team.

Each Season’s theme will be based around current topics in the real footballing world, bringing with it a wide variety of events to take part in.
There are Challenge Events for users to play against other users, or Tour Events for users to go up against the AI.
Signing players and assembling a team that matches the Season’s theme can give users an advantage in these events*
*These in-game events will start from April 21.

eFootball™ League*
This is a division-based league where users play PvP matches to rise to the top. Users will develop their own Dream Team by signing favourite players and managers and enter the league to play against other users from around the world.

Each “Phase” will last 28 days, during which users will be playing matches repeatedly with the aim of progressing to the highest Division possible
If users reach the ‘Promotion’ threshold within 10 matches, they will be promoted; on the other hand, if users fail to reach the ‘Remain’ threshold, they will be relegated
Once users reach the top Division (Division 1), they will be playing to rise through the rankings: The battles will change from a battle for promotion to a battle for position
At the end of a Phase, rewards will be given according to the highest Division reached. Rankings will be reset and a new Phase will begin
*eFootball™ League will start from April 21.

Gather Players and Card Types
One of the main features of Dream Team is that users can acquire the services of specific players and managers. Users can sign Standard players and managers of their choice using GP that are obtain throughout the course of the game. The different Player Types are described below.

Legendary: Players are based on a specific season when they had a stellar performance (This also includes retired players who had a brilliant career)
Trending: Players are based on a specific match or week in which they put an impressive performance during this season
Featured: Hand-picked players that are depicted based on their performance during the current season
Standard: Players are based on their performance during the current season
Standard (Foil): For Standard players, there is a certain possibility for users to sign a player with a higher Team Playstyle Proficiency than normal
New Licenses
There will be additions of new licenses from both Japan and North America:

Meiji Yasuda J1 League
Meiji Yasuda J2 League
MLS Players Association *”MLSPA” players will appear in the “American League” in-game.
USL Championship
In-game events using new licences will also take place throughout the Season.

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1 year ago

free to crap more like, don’t care about the bs propaganda i can see this is just another pay to win scam, all i want to fucking know, is how to disable the piece of shyte auto updater

1 year ago

finally the game can be called a game. Many thanks for this news article – I’d installed the previous version of eFootball 22. Where nothing was like football and definitly nothing was like Series X/S graphics. The game feels like Pro Evolution Soccer. If you can resist all the Xbox Shop offers concerning Fifa22 -75% so stay strong. PES is back!

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