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We were just settling under a blanket, a hot-chocolate in our mitts, when Game Pass jumped up from behind the armchair and screamed “two new games today!”. Scared the life out of us, it did. 

Those two games are The Walking Dead: The Final Season (Console and PC) and Totally Reliable Delivery Service (PC, but has been on Console and Cloud for some time). They were neither announced or expected, so we can consider them welcome freebies before Xbox properly announces the games for December. 

The Walking Dead: The Final Season is getting a bit creaky now, but it was the rare example of a story arc paying off well. It found a resolution for Clementine, the central character of The Walking Dead series, although those blasted zombies still got to stick around. It also represented the last game from Telltale Games, as the studio folded soon after, and Skybound Interactive took over the latter episodes. 

Telltale were determined to make The Walking Dead: The Final Season more interactive than the previous season, which received critical gripes about lacking gameplay (honestly, it’s like the critics haven’t played a Telltale game before). If you’re interested, it picks up several years after the previous game, with AJ, who Clementine rescued in the last episode, becoming older and more of a handful. 

Totally Reliable Delivery Service, meanwhile, finally gets dropped onto PC’s doorstep, so if you have been looking for something irreverent to play on PC, then this might be a good choice. Just a heads up, though, as we didn’t like it much, handing it a 2 out of 5: “it’s a repetitive and frustrating experience. While there’s some fun and laughs to be had with co-op, and inventive customisation options, the laughs stop there. In this instance, all Totally Reliable Delivery Service delivers is a monotonous gameplay loop which I can only imagine real life drivers go through on a daily basis.” Perhaps we’d all be better off playing The Walking Dead: The Final Season instead.

While Phil and the team haven’t announced anything yet for December, we have some confirmations from various press releases and keynotes. You can expect Hello Neighbor 2 (Console, PC) on Dec 6th, Chained Echoes (Console, Cloud, PC) on Dec 8th, Infinite Guitars (Console, Cloud, PC) on Dec 13th and High On Life (Console) on Dec 13th.

Have you been waiting for the end of Clementine’s adventure? Let us know in the comments and on social media.

Edit: Eastward has now also surprise dropped into Game Pass – so make that THREE new games for the day.

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