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The land of dinos awaits in Paleo Pines


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Farm tending with dinos? That’s Paleo Pines on Xbox

Looking for a cute farming sim to enjoy with the kids? Paleo Pines on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC will more than cater. It is happy to open up a brand new way to build bonds with your community, and tend to the land, focusing on dinosaurs! Who knew that a T-Rex made the perfect watering hose?

A Brave Quest

This one is available now on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC. Paleo Pines is a cute and colourful farm-sim that sets you atop an island of the same name.

Here, humans and dinos live in absolute harmony. And this is no more exemplified than through the bond your character has with their pet dino Lucky. 

Alike to My Time at Portia, Stardew Valley and countless other farming sims, your goal is to grow crops, develop your farmstead and form relationships with village-folk, all at your own pace. All will be conducted with a range of dinosaurs on-hand to help. There will be those that can break apart rocks and those that can take up water and spray it around the land to aid crop growth. 

Key Customisation!

Not only can you tailor the look of your player character to your heart’s content, but no two farms in Paleo Pines will look alike. The option to create the farm of your dreams is at the forefront of the Paleo Pines experience. As is the opportunity to learn more of the history of the island through an unfurling story.

The features are rich in Paleo Pines on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. In fact, play on PlayStation, Switch and PC and you’ll find similar. With all of the following coming to hand…

Embark on Your Dino Quest

Set off on a lively adventure with your dino pal, Lucky, who you’ve known since she was just an egg. Is she the last of her kind? The other Parasaurolophus are missing, and it’s up to you and Lucky to uncover their whereabouts. Explore Paleo Pines, a charming island filled with friendly townsfolk and hidden corners. Build a new home, make friends, and unravel the island’s lost history. Get ready for a journey filled with delightful discoveries alongside your trusty steed Lucky!

Create Your Cozy Dino Sanctuary

Set up your home base on the island as you go about your parasaurolophus quest. Paleo Pines is a place where you can express your individuality and creativity; no two ranches are the same! Build square pens, or not (although the locals might have something to say about that!). Use decor to build a romantic garden, give your ranch a cozy woodland vibe, or go full-on-farmer with rows and rows of tilled soil. Furthermore, customize your character as you like with a variety of features, curate a colorful collection of clothing—with different items to be found in each area—and change your style using the wardrobe!

Discover and Befriend Dinosaurs

The island of Paleo Pines is a dino lover’s dream! A collection of cheeky dinosaurs roam the wild areas waiting to become your friends, as well as ranch helpers. Coax them by mimicking their calls with your flute, then seal the deal with a tasty treat and trustworthy nose boop! Gain their trust by creating cozy pens and learning what keeps them happy. Dinos move around and some are harder to find than others, or may appear only under special conditions, so new discoveries await you as you explore the island. As your ranch grows, you’ll soon have a dino haven for all your new friends. Check out the Dino Journal to learn all about the creatures that roam the island.

Master the Art of Dino Ranching

Farm to your heart’s content, growing crops all year round with (and for) your dino besties! Start out planting and watering by hand, but earn your new friends’ trust and they’ll help you deliver a roarsome harvest that you can trade with the townsfolk. As your ranch grows, you’ll learn that each dino has a special farming skill to help you with your tasks. With a bit of love, care, and attention to detail, you can grow the highest quality produce in all of Paleo Pines. Soon you and your dino ranch hands will be the talk of the market!

Explore Enchanting Landscapes

There’s plenty to explore out in the wilds of Paleo Pines, from the flowery fields of Veridian Valley to the red canyons of Ariacotta. Make the most of each day by venturing throughout the lush landscapes across the island, each with their own charm, collectable items, and dinos to discover. Take a leisurely stroll through green meadows, foraging for wild crops as you go, or hop on your trusty dino mount on a hunt for hidden corners. Pause to watch wild dinosaurs playfully interact with each other, right before your very eyes. You’ll never run out of things to find or dinosaurs to befriend!

Befriend a Charming Community

A quirky (and friendly!) array of townsfolk on the island can’t wait to meet you and help you on your quest. Granny might have a stubborn side, but get to know her and she’s an ol’ softie. Building friendships within the community is just as important as building friendships with your dinosaurs. As you ride dinos, farm, and explore, you will come across new characters, each with their own story, items or problems to share, and knowledge to exchange. Help them out day or night by completing quests, opening up new areas, and visiting the stores and community hubs. And who knows—they may even gift you something to spruce up your ranch!

Available Now

Paleo Pines is now available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Switch and PC.

Pick up a copy on Xbox for £22.99 – you can find it on the Xbox Store. Look out for our full review of Paleo Pines on Xbox, coming very soon.

Will you be picking up Paleo Pines? Let us know in the comments.

Paleo Pines on Xbox Game Description

Welcome to Paleo Pines, a charming island known for its friendly dinosaurs, quirky townsfolk, and mysterious past. Here evolution took a different path, creating a world in which humans and dinosaurs live together in harmony! 

Set out with your dino companion, Lucky, to uncover the island’s secrets and discover new dinos. Your arrival on the island is met with welcome curiosity by the local townsfolk who can help you on your quest (and just might give you more work to do!). Together with Lucky, grow crops, assist local villagers, befriend adorable dinosaurs, and unearth the island’s lost history to build your cozy dino sanctuary. 

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