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Remember when we used to game for fun? Before a time of achievements and trophies where there was no cumulative way to know how much of a ‘gamer’ we were? I miss those days. If you do too, then you may be pleased to hear that The Legend of Icaro is out now on Xbox and doesn’t appear to have any achievements associated with it. At least at the time of writing.

The Legend of Icaro appears to be very loosely passed on the story of Icarus but this 2D action adventure game has a lot more lasers and explosions than Greek mythology ever did. It plays more like a metroidvania too, and I’m pretty sure that is a word that then Ancient Greeks will have no concept of.

As Icaro, you must defeat the gods of the future and restore balance to the world. Icaro can run, jump and swing his way through these levels, whilst using his vast array of weapons. Not that he necessarily needs them, being very competent with his fists when required also.

Each god will leave a bit of them behind that Icaro can then use to bolster his own powers. How powerful can Icaro get? Have a read of our review to find out here.

It may not be the most convincing of review, but if The Legend of Icaro looks up your street, it can be purchased for £13.24 on the Xbox Store. Hopefully achievements will be added imminently, or you may enjoy playing a game where they aren’t the main focus anymore. Hopefully The Legend of Icaro will be a change of pace for you then. Let us know in the comments if you enjoy it!

Game description

The gods has died, but some live inside! Immerse yourself in this great adventure and face the titans of the future. To free men from the empire of machines, unravel the mysteries of this amazing world, and write the Legend of Icarus!

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