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Crossout continues to go from strength-to-strength. The vehicular combat game has a loyal fan base who have been rewarded today with the release of Season 7 – Holy Motors. In this next update, Crossout’s war with the Ravagers reaches breaking point.

Left with no option in their attempts to relieve the strangle hold pressure the Ravagers have over the valley, the Mechanics and the Founders have begun to pool their resources together. They have come up with the M-25 Guardian machine gun which boosts defense after each hit on the enemy, the Waltz rocket launcher where each subsequent rocket is increased and a new relic: the Jormungandr shotgun; if the previous shot hits with at least 50% of the pellets, the next shot will fire incendiary pellets.

These new weapons – amongst many other new additions are all part of the Season 7 Battle Pass, which comes in two flavours. The standard Battle Pass costs £8.39 on the Xbox Store and grants access to all stages and rewards of the battle pass. The Elite Battle Pass is priced at £29.24 and will instantly bypass the following 15 levels, unlocking all their rewards and getting you to the top tier stuff a little be quicker.

The Battle Passes are just the tip of the Season 7 iceberg. Operation Red Light is a new PvP mode that features an infected type game mode. Ten survivors are pitted against two players in pre-set Ravager machines. The survivors must complete tasks and safety whilst avoiding the infected players. One simple touch from an infected player is enough to turn you and your vehicle over to the other side.

Then there is the return of the Fortress map, reworked for Season 7. There is improved visuals and effects across the entire map as well as better navigation. Those previously too small passageways for larger cars can now accommodate vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Team spawn points have also been altered, meaning you will now start at the side of the destroyed town and military base respectively.

The Holy Motors update also brings with it the usual tweaks and fixes that helps keep players of Crossout returning. Will this new update entice you into giving it a go? Let us know in the comments below.

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