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There’s a killer on the loose in Night Call and you were almost their next victim. Could you, an ordinary taxi driver, do the unthinkable by solving the mystery of who the culprit is? That’s the objective in this narrative-driven game out now on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch!

As a noire murder mystery experience developed by Monkey Moon and BlackMuffin Studio, Night Call places you in the role of a taxi driver who has had a close call with death. After surviving an encounter with a notorious serial killer roaming Paris, there’s a limited time window to work out their identity before the police pin the crimes on you. Across seven nights you’ll chat to unassuming passengers, learn about their lives and pick up potential clues regarding the investigation. Expect to be moved, inspired and even upset, as a wide range of people – from over 85 original characters featured – open up.

Don’t forget you’re on the clock though, meaning decision making must be swift if you’re to simultaneously solve the case and make enough money to survive – the bills won’t pay themselves. Given that there are multiple endings and different killers in different playthroughs, one must be careful not to assume a previously guilty person is the culprit once again. 

Should a shift in Night Call be on the cards for you, it’s available right now on the Xbox Store via Xbox Game Pass and Nintendo eShop. Those not subscribed to Xbox Game Pass will need to pay £16.74 for the privilege of taking in the tales from this lovely noire world though. Get in touch and let us know your thoughts about Night Call using the comments section below!

Game Description:

A mysterious serial killer stalks the streets of modern-day Paris. The body count rises, and the police are no closer to catching the culprit. You are a taxi driver and survivor to the killer’s most recent attacks, having barely escaped with your life. You have seven nights to help find the killer, or the police will pin it on you. These next few shifts will be far from ordinary or safe… Night Call is a narrative-driven noire investigation game. You are no detective, but you do have a gift. Around you, people feel more at ease. They talk. They share their thoughts, their emotions, their stories… their secrets. To passengers, you are more than just a driver; you are also a friend, a confidant, a shrink. A voyeur catching a glimpse under the masked but very real lives throughout the City of Light. And you’ll need to play these roles well if you want to catch the killer. Use the limited time you have available each night to gather clues while earning money to pay your bills. Drive passengers to their destinations, hear their stories and choose your responses carefully—some are just regular people with a tale to tell, while others might reveal a clue that’s key to your investigation. Follow the right leads to uncover new info about the suspects, and don’t forget to make enough money to buy gas and pay your bills. Can you solve the mystery before it’s too late? Better hurry—both the clock and the meter are running…

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