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We’re not sure why CI Games are pushing out new content to their original Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, especially when the sequel is out in the wild and already gathering up its own DLC, but that’s where we are in the world as four new content drops arrive for the game. 

Available to purchase and download into Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts are no less than four additional DLC packs for the game, with them all adding in a host of new weaponry for immediate use. 

These packs come in the form of the £3.99 Seeker’s Selects Weapon Pack which includes a trio of new deadly shooters, with the Marcus Tactical 8 sniper rifle, the FFF-45 ACP and the ROCK AS100 shotgun all in place. Moving up slightly in price is the £4.99 Merciless Marksman Weapon & Skin DLC Pack. This throws another weapon on top, with it featuring four firearms that you won’t want to miss. Working the routes of the HJ 7.62 Sniper, the Hub-93 Marksman rifle, the Sturm Military 45 Handgun and the P5Q Steel Handgun, you’re getting some serious sidearms that should well help out massively as you move through Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts. 

There’s more though and the next DLC piece to consider is the Savage Sniper Weapons Pack. Priced at £5.79, this includes three of the most deadly of tools of the trade – 3 sniper rifles that you probably couldn’t do without, the PR15 HERA, Tai Hu SR3 and MSSR 10. 

Finally and we’ve got the biggy; the most expensive pack of the latest drop – the £6.49 Crossbow Chaos Weapon Pack. This pack brings forth an all new level of destruction and devastation with a new Crossbow, the Model 550 TRV, the Mad Sheriff 9 revolver, the Car K8 auto and a weapon skin in the form of Zeb-bruh – and yep, stripes are still in fashion. 

You’ll find all the new content packs for Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts present and correct on the Xbox Store, although you should know that these are only useable in the solo campaign. You should also find them on PlayStation and PC. 

We think you’d be best off playing Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 though.

Let us know if you’re sold on any of these. The comments are below. 

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