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We’ve had a sneaky little eye trained on Baldo: The Guardian Owls for sometime, if only because it looks like Naps Team could well have a cracking little hit on their hands. Today though we get to find out if those thoughts are true, as Baldo: The Guardian Owls releases to the world. 

Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC through Steam, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation players can now all get access to the wonderfully styled Baldo: The Guardian owls from Naps Team. 

It’s priced at £20.99 from the Xbox Store (expect that price to vary ever so slightly on other formats), and should you decide to purchase and download it on the format of your choice, will find a wonderful adventure that focuses on how a prophecy is coming true; how a pure-heart child has arrived in this world. 

With obvious Zelda inspirations kicking around in the background of Baldo, you’ll be left to head into a magical world that is full of life, mystery and secrets. It’s also got a fair few puzzles and dungeons for you to work your way through too, as you join the titular Baldo and attempt to hold back destiny. 

Baldo: The Guardian Owls will also have you chatting with village folk – meeting the most unforgettable and quirky of characters as you go – , fighting back against any foes you may happen across and eventually unveiling the secrets that plague the land. Honestly, it all looks great and we cannot wait to get hands on with Baldo on Xbox – we’ll be sure to follow up our time with it through some review thoughts. 

If you wish to join us on this magical adventure, get over to the digital store of your choosing – the Xbox Store, the PlayStation Store, the Nintendo eShop and the Steam page will all happily take your cash. 

Game Description:

Journey through a magical land teeming with mysteries to unravel. Baldo: the Guardian Owls is full of challenging puzzles to solve and intricate dungeons to explore. Traverse this captivating open world as Baldo, and meet a host of quirky and unforgettable characters, as you struggle to decipher the cryptic prophecy, and thwart destiny. From delightful whimsy to thrilling adventure, discover new towns and their distinctive inhabitants, fight ferocious foes, locate hidden temples, and collect objects both magical and mundane to obtain powerful new weapons, or to help unveil the myriad secrets of this strange land.

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