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The first game from a new indie start-up, Craftshop Arts, is today punching out on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, as Mad Streets lets you settle the score and brawl it out in a hilarious new physics-based beat ’em up

Mad Streets launches today on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S to allow Xbox players the chance to turn up the heat on their favourite friends as they challenge them to a bit of a rumble, settling scores in the process. 

It revolves around the rival gangs of the Gutsford University as you and your friends get to utilise the physics based mechanics  and fully interactive environments that Craftshop Arts have created. This will mean that how you go about proving yourself as the finest brawler in the land is pretty much up to you, with pretty much anything and everything – even other people – being used as a weapon. 

With beatings available for up to four players at a time (local and online), and multiple game modes ensuring that Mad Streets is able to offer up endless fun, whether you’re looking for a quick five minute party battler, or are back from the pub looking to end the night on a high, this is going to suit many. it’s helped that there’s no need to worry about complicated combos and movesets either – pick something up and batter your mates like there is no tomorrow. 

“I’ve been making classic feeling action games for over 20 years; I’m super excited to get this fresh take on pick up and play, fighting party games, in the hands of players” said Dennis Opel, Founder of Craftshop Arts Inc. “Mad Streets still continues to make us laugh on a daily basis, we hope the players feel the same.”

We’ll be sure to let you know how Mad Streets plays out on Xbox when our full review of the game drops. Should you wish to take a punt in the meantime just head on over to the Xbox Store and grab a download. The price of £16.74 is a seemingly decent one too. 

Game Description:

Mad Streets is the kind of game that makes you crack a smile all while punching some one in the face, It’s a physics-based party game meshed with a brawler that feels like an evolution to the genre with a deeper system that allows skilled players to direct their blows for face-crunching KO animations that wouldn’t look out of place in MMA highlights. .

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