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We’re well used to seeing weird games with strange names pop up on the digital stores that power our lives. But is there anything weirder than One-Eyed Lee and the Dinner Party?

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch, One-Eyed Lee and the Dinner Party is the latest little gaming temptation to rock up out of the Ratalaika Games publishing team. Created by DarkChibiShadow (yep, another utterly mad name), One-Eyed Lee and the Dinner Party is a casual, pick-up-and-play puzzler which just so happens to bring with it an original story, art focus and soundtrack for good measure. 

It focuses on Beracus and Lee as they discover that they have a potential cure for the suffering of Beracus’ village. The problems arise though when they discover an abandoned bunker – or at least, what they thought was an abandoned bunker – only to discover that it is actually home to a cult of skeletons. 

Yeah, we know, this is getting weirder by the minute. 

However, it’s this skelly crew who happen to take a liking to Beracus and Lee, inviting them in for a bit of a party, requesting they hang around until the dawn of the New World. It’s then when the duo decide to make their escape – and you’ll need to help them. 

What plays out is a judgement call on your mate, One-Eyed Lee, as you work your way through the adventure, understanding the family of skeletons and trying to make light of the situation you are in. With multiple endings all present, this storyteller could well find a place in the hearts of those happy to kick back with a decent narrative or two. 

If that is of appeal to you, get yourself over to the Xbox Store in order to grab a download of One-Eyed Lee and the Dinner Party on Xbox One or optimised on Xbox Series X|S for £4.99, the PlayStation Store should you prefer to purchase it on PS4 or PS5, or even the Nintendo eShop should you have a Switch to hand. 

Should you need a review, hold tight for ours to go live. 

Game Description:

Beracus and Lee finally have a lead to more information about a potential cure for Beracus’ suffering village. Upon finding the entrance to an apparently abandoned bunker, the two become trapped inside and discover the place is inhabited by a family of hospitable cult members, who also happen to be skeletons. The family mistakes the two for fellow members, and invites them to “stay for the party” and wait for the “New World”. Unfortunately, Lee and Beracus don’t have that kind of time! They’ll similarly meet their deaths down there if they don’t escape, and they still have to find their all important cure! Together they must explore and talk to the skeleton family to discover clues, collect items, and try to unravel the tragedies that turned this simple bunker into a tomb.

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