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Haven is already pretty special. Extremely laid-back and accessible, gorgeous to look at and complete with the smoothest of controls, when The Game Bakers released it onto Xbox, PlayStation and PC at the tail end of 2020, it provided a world that was rich for losing yourself in. Now though it’s about to get all the more better, with a free Sweet Little Things update rolling out right about now.

A free update for all those who have the base Haven experience on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch or PC, Sweet Little Things brings new content to The Game Bakers’ romantic space adventure; an adventure which has been downloaded by 700,000 odd players.

It’s an update you may just want to grab too, as it drops in a couple of new costumes, a new animation, a concept art gallery, quality of life improvements and more. In fact, Sweet Little Things fails to skimp, giving access to all of the following…

  • Two new costumes for Yu & Kay: “Streetwear” the hot style in the street, and “Top/Truth” inspired by the style of their origin planets
  • The meloglide, to choose the track of Danger original soundtrack to listen to
  • A new kiss animation for the beloved couple
  • A concept art gallery to discover artworks from the making of the game
  • Many quality of life improvements based on players’ feedback

“What’s nice about making unique and niche games is that they keep attracting players over a long time. That’s why we continue improving the game. We’ve received lots of amazing feedback from players and we put that love in that first update for them and all the players to come.” says Emeric Thoa, the studio Creative Director.

If you haven’t yet picked up Haven, head to the digital store of your choosing and do so. The Xbox Store is our second home, and you’ll find Haven making the most of some proper old school Xbox Game Pass love too. It’s also available on PlayStation, Switch and PC.

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