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We’ve had tons of brilliant DLC additions join Wreckfest since the game launched back in 2019, with car packs galore rocking up to provide various fun times. Now though things are moving up a notch as the Wrecknado whirls into play, with it whipping up yet another car pack for good measure. 

Available in Wreckfest today, Wrecknado is a brand new Wreckfest track that has been specifically created for pure destruction, something that the game revels in. Full of loops – four in total – you’ll find all drivers heading straight for the vortex smashing, crashing and bashing their way to victory. 

The ultimate goal in Wrecknado is to chaos utter chaos, wrecking all around you. Do so and you’ll find yourself crowned the Wrecknado champion, left to fight another day. Whirling into play as a free update to the game on Xbox One, PS4 and PC – and playable on Xbox Series X – there is next to no reason why you shouldn’t be checking out this new addition. 

wreckfest reckless car pack

Further to that, and kicking in alongside the Wrecknado update and patch notes is the new Reckless Car Pack – otherwise known as Wreckfest Car Pack #9. This individual premium DLC pack adds an extra thre unique rides into play, with Gorbie, Blade and Stepvan all present. Details of each of whom are below…

  • Gorbie: The offbeat community favorite is finally here! This beauty is pure fun to drive, and even more fun to demolish!
  • Blade: American racing at its finest, this 80s muscle car looks way too fast, even when it’s standing still!
  • Stepvan: With this pop culture classic ice cream truck, you won’t be serving ice cream but righteous wreckage!

The Reckless Car Pack joins those of the Racing Heroes and Getaway Car Pack as part of the Wreckfest Season Pass 2. It’s also present in the Wreckfest Ultimate Edition. The Xbox Store or PlayStation Store will sort you out with the downloads needed.

Season Pass 2 Description:

The 2nd Season of Wreckfest will expand your garage with new unique rides at one neat bundle price! This Season Pass 2 gives you access to 12 additional cars, released over the course of 4 DLC Car Packs.

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