Silenced: The House Xbox

The haunted house is a horror trope as old as scaring people itself. Tales have existed for hundreds of years of naïve people daring each other to visit these abandoned houses. And then – shock horror! – that house isn’t as abandoned as they once thought when spirits and other ghouls come to scare them. This next game is a perfect example of this. Silenced: The House is out today on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

As Ashley, you and your friends have decided the only way to celebrate a friend’s birthday is to head to the haunted house on top of the hill. I’d prefer a quiet drink with a few friends, but you do you, Ashley. As things take a turn for the spooky, Ashley and her friends must survive the night and perform a ritual to rid the house of the spirits within. If not, they may end up spending a lot longer than just the one night there.

Silenced: The House is a horror visual novel featuring a bunch of attractive teenagers, a haunted house, and ghosts and ghouls. If ever there was a recipe for a horror film, we have almost every ingredient right there. Just as well that it is coming out for Halloween, when all manner of scary things will be happening.

Now, read this next bit carefully. For the Xbox One version of Silenced: The House, use this link. For the Xbox Series X|S version, use this one instead. There is no option to buy once and own both, but the good news is that both cost the same price of £4.19. Even better news, if you buy quickly, there is an introductory discount, dropping the price of each down to £3.35

Game description

Survive the night in the house from your nightmares! Any plans for weekend? There is a great place to escape from hustle and bustle of the city and daily routine! We promise unique experience of horror and despair… if you stay alive, of course. The old house is hiding something. This dark empty rooms are full of secrets. Blind windows are staring at you from the deep darkness. Do you hear them? Are you ready to talk to them? Because if you are not, you better go away, run, hide your hysterically beating heart from the claws of insanity. Why do you want to find the truth if you know that it will kill you? You must scream, you must cry, you must find your dead voice in this silence. Meet Ashley, our Visual Novel main character. She and her classmates want to celebrate the birthday of their mutual friend, a famous teen idol of the school Grace. That will be fun. But there is no time to play games. Because tonight Ashley will have some work to do. The ghosts of the past will pay her a visit. She must survive the night in an old abandoned house and complete an ancient ritual to get rid of the vengeful spirits. Welcome to the world of fear and madness. Lonely mysterious place awaits you to step in the dark realm of nightmare. Will you help Ashley complete her mission? Will you survive?

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