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After the brilliant The DioField Chronicle showed us a modern tactical RPG with fancy graphical designs and a revamped battle system, I’ve been hankering to play a more traditional tactical RPG. Sounds like my wishes have been answered in the form of a new game. Live by the Sword: Tactics is out today on Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

A traditional, tactical RPG right down to the pixel art, Live by the Sword: Tactics is as retro as they come. You play as two brothers on a quest to stop the world falling back into conflict. As they journey, they will recruit new party members to help them on their heroic and noble quest.

Live by the Sword: Tactics does have a few modern innovations up its sleeve too though. Your characters do not earn EXP on their quest. Instead, you as the player must improve and not rely on power levelling your party.

Live by the Sword: Tactics also features:

  • Story Mode that features a group of adventurers who discover an evil plot.
  • Adventure Mode that has you building the world as you explore it. Beware, defeat means death in this mode.
  • Tactician Mode that places you in odd battle scenarios to solve. Many with unique win conditions.
  • Online battles between two players.
  • Local battles between two players.

And that’s not all. With post-release updates including ranked multiplayer, additional classes and even the ability to create your own scenario, you could see buying this game now as an investment for the future.

That investment will cost you £19.99 as Live by the Sword: Tactic is on the Xbox Store now. Stay tuned for our review coming soon too. But for now, let us know in the comments if you will be picking this one up.

Game description

Live By The Sword: Tactics is an unashamedly old school tactical RPG with modern gameplay ideas. Set after the fall of the land, you control two brothers who must traverse the kingdom to stop it from falling back into the darkness of conflict. It’s a journey that will test their brotherly bond and the player’s tactical skills as they form a team and go on this heroic quest. The game is a new take on Tactical / Strategy gameplay. Characters do not gain experience points and you cannot collect overpowered equipment to easily bypass difficult fights. You, the player, must become more skilled to achieve victory. Are you up for the challenge of becoming a true Tactician? ■Classes■ The battle system in Live by the Sword revolves around 5 vs 5 battles. The player has the choice of building their team with 7 unique classes. – The Alchemist, Archer, Assassin, Brawler, Medic, Warrior and Wizard Each class possess an innate ability as well as a pool of 6 unique abilities to choose from. Choose wisely as you can only take 4 into battle.

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