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It’s been nearly two years since Hellpoint launched and to mark its return, today the game makes the leap to the next-gen with some new DLC.

A fully optimised PlayStation 5 version of Hellpoint hits home today, yet unfortunately, the Xbox Series X|S drop has been delayed, but at least the brand new Blue Sun DLC is launching on all formats.

This newest iteration for Xbox Series X|S (when it arrives in a couple of weeks) and PlayStation 5 boasts improved graphics, ultra-fast loading and 4k visuals at 60fps that was previously only accessible on a high-end PC.

Not only this but the first Hellpoint DLC announced last year, Blue Sun, launches today. This expansion will take the player to previously unseen locations and expose them to strange happenings, offering answers to the cause of the Merge cataclysm. 

Hellpoint is a souls-like cosmic horror RPG set in a moody sci-fi universe within the colony of Irid Novo where science and something much darker collide. Mankind and aliens seek to harness the power of the soul itself by removing control from the cosmic gods. 

Due to increased activity from a nearby black hole, crazy cultists and demonic monsters appear to stalk the station. You, a 3D printed agent created by the native AI, are sent to investigate. Should you die, the Quantic System will alter the environment and trigger events as you circle the black hole.

Hellpoint features intense and challenging hack n’ slash action combat where players can tool up with rifles, blades and more specialised weapons. Both split-screen and online co-op is available with loot drops for all, alongside the option to go it alone if you dare.

Check out the chilling DLC trailer below:

The Hellpoint next gen upgrade has launched for PlayStation 5 and is coming very soon to Xbox Series X|S, most probably on July 26th. The Blue Sun DLC has landed on the Xbox Store though, playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It’s on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC too. Both are available today.

Remember to peek out from behind the sofa to catch our review of the Xbox Series X|S version of Hellpoint, touching down soon.

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