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We’ve been following the development of Wired Productions and Camel 101’s psychological thriller Those Who Remain for some time now, but today we finally get the details we have really been after – the Xbox One, PS4 and PC release date.

Created by Camel 101 and published by Wired Productions, Those Who Remain will launch on Xbox One, PS4 and PC via Steam on May 15th 2020. And following that a Nintendo Switch edition will drop later in the summer.

Edit – This release date has slipped slightly and we’ll now be seeing launch on May 28th.

A dark psychological adventure thriller, we recently sat down for an exclusive interview with the creative minds behind Those Who Remain, but the fully confirmed launch date is just as exciting, particularly as the game will be available in not just the Standard edition, but also that of a retail-exclusive Deluxe version (admittedly only for PS4 and PC), which will include a digital download of the beautifully illustrated comic prequel story, ‘Those Who Remain: Lights Out’.

Those Who Remain is set in the sleepy town of Dormont, a town in a spiralling split from the fabric of reality, warped by darkness and the deeds of the citizens who reside. And from there it’ll deliver a story driven first-person adventure-thriller combining a deeply atmospheric game world with unnerving and tense psychological horror that delves deep into the human psyche.

This will see us follow the life of Edward, a man who had the perfect life, before being lured into darkness. Attempting to break off his affair and put his family back on track he drives into the night, unaware of the darkness brewing below Dormont and the cause of recent disappearances. Confront the uncomfortable horrors reflected by the darkness and survive the night as Edward is faced with a test of his sanity, morality and the shadows of evil that lurks below.

Those Who Remain will launch digitally on Xbox One, PS4 and PC come May 28th 2020 with an SRP of £15.99/€19.99/$19.99. The retail-exclusive Deluxe Edition is available for PS4 and PC and is open for pre-orders now. Failing that, make sure you add the game to your Steam WishList right now.

We’ll be sure to remind you as and when that launch date arrives. Let us know in the comments if you’ll be dipping into the darkness. And should you wish to know more, hit up our recent visit to Wired Productions 2020 Showcase.

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