It’s been announced that Titan Comics are working with Square Enix to launch a Life is Strange mini-series and it’s coming at some point this year. Would you like to know more?

For those unfamiliar with the series, Life is Strange debuted in 2015 as an episodic game centred on a teenager named Max Caulfield, who realises she has a gift; the ability to manipulate time. It’s a special talent that comes in handy whilst trying to save her best friend Chloe Price and as they both investigate the disappearance of another student. A fair few awards were given for the tale, which really got stuck into the dark side of being a teen and the consequences of messing with time. Then more recently we saw the prequel series, Life is Strange: Before the Storm, which took us back a couple of years prior to get an understanding of the unorthodox relationship between Chloe and the girl who goes missing, Rachel Amber.

Comic enthusiasts will be able delve into the world of Life is Strange later this year when the four-part mini-series arrives, courtesy of Titan Comics and Square Enix. Not an awful lot is known other than that though, with details limited about the focus of the story for now, but we do know that potential readers will be heading back to Arcadia Bay, where the series’ beloved characters reside, and the Blackwell Academy high school looks set to feature.

Will you be keeping an eye out for more details, or have you already had your fill of Life is Strange lore? Get in touch and let us know.



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