You may or may not have noticed that there’s a whole load of Burn Cards in the Titanfall Beta that unlock by completing challenges. These cards can be used to enhance your chances of being awesome once activated.

Some of my personal favourites are the ability to call in an Ogre Titan (Ogre Reserve), which can take a real pounding during battle. Shock Rocks that gives you unlimited Arc Grenades could swing a match, especially Last Titan Standing, into your favour. Last but not least, Spider Sense simply because I immediately think of a web-slinger and it’s helpful when wanting to avoid a sneak attack.

There are 50 Burn Cards in total and you can view 44 of them thanks to lovely people on Reddit (Click Here) – the other 6 are listed below

#3 – Amped Arc Mine

#4 – Amped Satchel Charge

#7 – Amped B3 Wingman

#9 – Amped C.A.R. SMG

#13 – Amped Hemlok BF-R

#14 – Amped G2A4

What are your favourites?

TFShockrocksTFReserveOgreTF Spidersense

Source – CVG


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7 years ago

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