There’s nothing more disheartening than being crushed by opponents clearly much better than you on Titanfall game after game, well that’s about to change.

Currently in BETA is an Improved Matchmaking mode that hopes to help make matches as evenly balanced as possible. This will be aided by a skill level calculated behind the scenes that will ensure you’ll be facing teams as closely matched to you of those that are available. In a bid to freshen up a series of battles against the same team it will find a new team for both to face after a set time of playing the current one. It’s good to see Respawn constantly working to improve such things and I’m sure it will prove to be a great move for newcomers as much as experienced players looking for a real challenge.

titanfall 1


From today 3rd April, 2014 you will be automatically participating in the new skill-based matchmaking system.  The matchmaking BETA is over and this is live in full force within the Attrition & Hardpoint modes right now. We’ll let you know once it has reached the other modes. Have you noticed the difference?

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