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The beauty of the online world is shown when an indie development team can connect with its audience to help bring games to reality, games such as Earthlock: Festival of Magic

SnowCastle Games are an independent development team founded 5 years ago in 2009 and are based in Oslo, Norway. Their first original game, Hogworld: Gnart’s Adventure, garnered them awards and praise on the iOS platform. Now they’re taking a giant leap into multiple platforms, most importantly for us the Xbox One with their next project Earthlock: Festival of Magic.

Earthlock: Festival of Magic will be a Role-Playing game but enhanced with a few little tricks up their sleeve. The story takes you to the magical world of Umbria which for some reason stopped spinning on its axis. One side of the land is cold and dark whilst the other sizzling in the sun, leaving just the bit in-between habitable.


Your role will be as Amon, a scavenger who gets dragged into a dangerous conflict between the Suvian Empire and those who wish to bring Suvia to its knees. In a bid to unite the land and encourage peace, you must begin a quest that will uncover the secrets behind Umbria’s standstill situation.

For a more in-depth look at the following features please visit the link at the bottom, this is a brief overview of what to expect –

  • Rich, non-linear story
  • Turn-based combat (No Active Time Battle)
  • Combat pairs (Allows more variations to your battle team)
  • Grow your own ammunition (Organic crafting)
  • Build and improve your home base
  • Environmental Puzzles
  • Gorgeous overworld with a retro feel
  • No random encounters (Monsters visible at all times)
  • Play as Male or Female protagonist (You can switch at any time)



How can you help? Simply by checking out the Kickstarter page for Earthlock: Festival of Magic and hopefully pledging as much as you can to help this delightful project come to fruition. This won’t only help fund the project but convince investors that there’s a large group of gamers who are interested. If you can’t afford to pledge right now then maybe just share the link on social media for the whole world to see, every little gesture helps.

There’s 7 days left and they are two thirds of the way, let’s make this happen! **UPDATE** The goal has been reached and you’ve only got till midnight tonight (Friday 11th Apr) to help towards the stretch goals!

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