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Let’s cut straight to the chase: Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 releases today on Xbox One, PS4 and PC… and this is one that all online RPG fans will want to pick it up!

If you were one of the many who indulged in The Division when it released back in 2015, then Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will see you finding a very similar experience, albeit one that has been scaled up with regards to content and given a fresh new visual overhaul.

For this time round, The Division’s elitist agents (yes, that includes you) have been sent to the big ol’ capital city, as Washington DC is under the control of a number of militia gangs; slowly falling to pieces. It’s total anarchy – just one quick look at the graffiti and overgrown fauna everywhere and you start to understand how monumental a task it will be to return the city to the forces of good.

But a challenge is what you are here for – isn’t it? The Division 2, much like the original, will mostly be played through a number of PvE missions, where it is up to you and a group of randoms/friends to progress through the game-world, taking down baddies and of course getting your hands on better and more powerful gear as you go about your fighting. While the entirety of the game can be played as a solo player without online compatriotes, to get the most out of TD2 it’s probably best to bring some mates along.

However, aside from the run-of-the-mill PvE missions scattered around the city, in your ongoing quest for loot you may want to head over to the ominous Dark Zones – areas of the city where it is every man or woman for themselves. It’s PvP on the tensest and largest of scales; risk and reward with a plethora of high-tier weapons and equipment to fight for. The PvP doesn’t end there though, and new to The Division 2 are smaller, tighter team-games currently through the presence of Skirmish (the standard TDM offering) and Domination.

It’ll take tens of hours, possibly even going into the hundreds, to really discover all that TD2 has to offer, allowing you to level up your character and then reaching the endgame to unlock unique skills and abilities to use in combat. There’s a good chance that you’d have had The Division 2 on your radar for a while now, and today is the day you can head on down to Washington and see what’s what!

However for that to happen you’ll need to splash the cash.

If you wish to pick up The Division 2 right now, then currently it will be the Gold Edition or Ultimate Edition that will be your ticket to do so. Unfortunately, anyone looking to pick up the £59.99 Standard Edition will have to wait to play until Friday 15th March 2019, however pre-ordering until that date will net you The Capitol Defender item pack. Should you wish to jump in with the £84.99 Gold Edition, you will also receive the Capitol Defender pack and the Year 1 season pass. If you really want to go all out for The Division, then for £92.99 the Ultimate Edition will net you all of the previous bonuses, as well as the Elite Agent, First Responder and Battleworn Secret Service item packs. Now that is a lot of options!

Decide to go even deeper and the addition of multiple Premium Credits packs are also in place. These range from 500 Credits for £3.99, all the way up to 6500 Credits for £39.99. Yes, that top tier may be the cost of a full game, but if you are serious about The Division 2 and want the very best experience, then the chance to jump in to purchase in-game content such as outfits, emotes, weapon skins & more, shouldn’t be ignored.

However you would like to buy The Division 2 – we hope to see you out on the battlefield soon! Make sure you keep an eye out for our full review of the game.

Game Description:

In Tom Clancy’s The Division®2, the fate of the free world is on the line. Lead a team of elite agents into a post-pandemic Washington DC to restore order and prevent the collapse of the city. The Division 2 is an online, action shooter RPG experience, where exploration and player-progression are essential. • Liberate Washington DC – Save a country on the brink of collapse as you explore an open, dynamic and hostile world. • Stronger with your team – Specialize and fight together with your friends in online co-op or against others in competitive adversial PVP mode. • Genre-defining endgame – Choose a unique class specialization to take on the toughest challenges with friends.

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