Back in the day, the arcade was the only place to play

The older players among us will still remember the days when the only way to play video games was down at the local arcade with its sticky floors, headache inducing volume and surly staff. Clustered around a huge games machine, with a tiny screen and enormous buttons, it was a world away from the games we play today. These days, instead of hanging around an arcade like a delinquent, we can play in the comfort of our own homes, using ergonomic controllers on as big a screen as we can afford. But that’s not the only advantage.

The cost of learning

Back in the day, it would take all your pocket money just to learn the basics of a game, let alone get on the leader board. Lose your lives and you lost your money; it was as brutal as that. There were no YouTube tips and training videos, and no unlimited play into the small hours of the night to help you learn the game before your mates came around. You could only play if you paid. There was no other way to master those retro games with their pesky Space Invaders and the ever-hungry Pac Man.

Everyone wanted to get on the leader board

Learn casino games for free

Unless you have a natural gift for card games, or a Nostradamus-like knack of predicting where a roulette ball will land, learning the skills of online casino games can be as costly as those old arcades. Although there is an element of chance in all casino games, there is usually a large slice of skill involved too. The more skill you have, the more likely you are to win. The problem is, you have to learn those skills the hard way, by losing first.

Play with their money

A handy way around this is to learn your casino skills by playing with the casino’s money, not your own. You can do this by taking advantage of casino bonuses. These are the special deals and ‘loss-leaders’ that online casinos offer to attract new players. If you look out for no deposit offers, you can get free cash to play with and learn the games, without it costing you a penny.

Finding the right casino bonus

To get started, it is useful to use a review site, such as Casinosmash, to find the best no deposit bonus codes. This will give you lots of different opportunities to hone your skills and train like a Pokemon without using any of your hard-earned cash. Look for the biggest free cash or free play deals and don’t worry too much about the terms and conditions. No deposit bonuses will rarely win you much, if anything at all, but that’s not what you want to use them for. When you are playing to learn, losing can be as informative as winning, especially if you can see where you went wrong.

Don’t get drawn in

The important thing is not to get drawn in by the online casino, until you are confident that you understand the skills and strategies you need. If you use up all your bonus cash at one casino, simply move on to the next. There are literally hundreds out there, all with their own offers, so you can bounce from one to the next for as long as you need to, without it costing you anything. Not only will you have an unlimited supply of free cash to play with, you’ll also  get the chance to see what each online casino is like, so you can decide where best to play when you are ready.