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The Tales of the Vikings have long since gone, and the Japanese Legends have been packed off to one side. Today though it’s all about travelling the Road to Rome with the latest DLC for Hidden Through Time. 

Available to purchase, download and add into your base game right now, Road to Rome is the latest DLC pack to arrive for the 4D Hidden Object adventure that is Hidden Through Time. You’ll find it present on the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, alongside drops on PS4, Android, iOS, Steam and GOG, with a Nintendo Switch launch following shortly. 

Priced at £1.69 – yep, a mere £1.69 – Hidden Through Time – Road to Rome will see you taking in a range of areas comprising Gaul settlements right up to the monumental Colosseum, as the focus is firmly planted on the Roman Empire. There are ten new levels included in all, and these feature more than 300 of the very finest Roman themed objects, characters and more, with the level editor bringing these all together too. 

Thanks to that level editor, even if you don’t purchase the Road to Rome content – and honestly, you must be able to spare the low asking price – you’ll still be able to play through the community created maps which are on offer, even those which utilise the new DLC. 

If you’ve found yourself maxing out the secrets found in the base Hidden Through Time game, or those delivered via the Legends of Japan and Viking Tales DLC drops, then the Road to Rome is sure to excite. 

As always, let us know how you find it by dropping in to the comments. 

DLC Description:

This DLC includes ten new levels ranging from Gaul settlements to the monumental Colosseum! It also features more than 300 new Roman Empire themed objects and characters, which will be in the level editor upon purchase!

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