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Just a few short months ago, Crazy Monkey Studios offered Xbox One players the opportunity to embark on a new hand drawn journey of discovery with Hidden Through Time. Today they are looking to expand that base game with the additional of the Viking Tales DLC.

Available to purchase and add into your base game right now, Hidden Through Time – Viking Tales DLC will set you back a measly £1.69. Yep, £1.69. Yet for that small outlay, you’ll discover a whole host of new gaming options opening up to you, as you get to join Clicky and head to Scandinavia.

Adding 10 new levels to the base game, plus no less than 400 odd new Viking themed objects, it could be said that this first addition to Hidden Through Time is one that many players will be interested in. With the opportunity to encounter fearsome Viking clans, strong Norse gods and the old Elf or two, Viking Tales will have you partaking in a new journey centralised around Norse culture and mythology.

You’ll obviously need the base game to hand prior to continuing this adventure, but for those who get their kicks from dropping a Viking helmet on their head, and are ready to explore the mysterious Scandinavian regions, the Xbox Store will provide the usual download. Let us know if you give it a go – surely that low price point pretty much demands a sale?

DLC Description:

Join Clicky in his longship and sail to Scandinavia to discover whether the tales told about vikings are true! The Viking Tales DLC will send you and Clicky on a quest through norse culture and mythology to discover all of the hidden treasures and myths the vikings have kept from us. You’ll encounter numerous viking clans, Norse gods and elves! This DLC includes 10 new levels ranging from viking invasions to peaceful elven villages. It also includes 400 new viking themed objects that are available in the level editor for those of you who can’t get enough of these ransacking clans! People who don’t own this DLC will still be able to play through user created maps that use objects from the Viking Tales DLC. Be quick, put on your viking helmet and plunder this DLC to explore the Scandinavian myths about ruthless raiders, winged valkyries and colossal giants.

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