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Oh how the world loves Twitch and since it’s integration with Xbox One, fans of streaming have skyrocketed. Well, as of today, Twitch on Xbox One has had an update and it brings some rather lovely new features.

Thanks to some new technology now on offer, Twitch will give you the ability to associate real-time gameplay stats with broadcasts and that in turn will make your search options deeper. Want to know who is doing best on a certain game, who has the highest K/D ratio on CoD or who is driving a specific car class on Forza Horizon 2? Well now you can.

Additionally, videos on demand are also now present and your home screen has been overhauled to bring a much more personlised experience. If you like to broadcast, then you’ll find some hot new profile pages so your viewers can learn more.

Annie Berrones, Director of Product Marketing, Twitch said “Xbox One helped cement Twitch’s place in the living room with its robust set of features. With this impressive set of updates, including the ability to now follow the games you want, view archived videos and have access to more advanced directories, video game streaming and spectating as part of the home entertainment experience is only going to get stronger.”

Fire up the Twitch app on Xbox One and you should be seeing the new features!

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