There are white controllers, there are black ones. There are modded ones and there are standard ones. There are themed ones and there are shiny ones. And now, there is the all-new Dawn Shadow Xbox One Wireless Controller. Want to check out our unboxing?

Watch below as we take a first look at the new Dawn Shadow Xbox One Wireless Controller. From checking out the box, to revealing the stunning magenta and black faded design, to the grabbing of batteries and all manner of leaflets that come with it, we look at the lot in the video below.

You won’t be surprised to see how glorious the design is, or how lovely the pink/magenta face buttons look under light. It is a controller of the highest quality and whilst it may not have the draw of the Gears of War 4 Limited Edition Elite Controller, it is perfect for bringing a bit of colour into your gaming sessions.

So without further ado, lets unbox the Dawn Shadow Xbox One Wireless Controller.

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5 years ago

It looks so sharp! Probably much better in person. And seriously you may need an intervention 🙂