April has brought about some pretty big gaming news, but May 2015 will see the release of some pretty big games… some of the biggest of the year in fact! But what will you be spending your money on?

Remember, we’ll be covering full retail copies only in this article.

Project Cars – Xbox One, PS4, PC:

You’ll be hard pressed to find a better Xbox One racer than the Forza series but all that is set to change. Enter Project Cars, a new IP from Slightly Mad Studios which allows you to control the usual super fast cars, but also lets you ping around in racing carts and the like as well.

The developers see Project Cars as made up of 4 aspects- Career, Solo, Online and Community. Career does exactly what is says on the tin; rise from a humble rookie to a racing legend. And you can do this in any championship with any vehicle. Like to stick to the roots of racing? Pick the supercar championship. Or if you want to be a bit more ambitious you could pick the karting line. You could also organise quick races with your friends or challenge others online. This is all tied together by a progression system that is second to none whilst the Project Cars Community runs along similar lines to Need For Speed’s Autolog.

Why Should you Buy It? Project Cars can let you be any type of superstar racer you want- Forza with something added on perhaps?

project cars pic 2

Wolfenstein: Old Blood – Xbox One, PS4, PC:

It has only been a year since the release of Wolfenstein: The New Order, but due to its popularity William Blazkowicz is once again rebelling against post World War II Nazi controlled Europe. Old Blood keeps the Wolfenstein tradition of a good narrative with dual wielding guns and lots of action; you can be sure that blood will be spilled.

Why Should You Buy It? Wolfenstein: The Old Blood blends action and a branching narrative- something hard to pull off in a modern shooter.

wolfenstein blood pic 1

Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor: Game Of the Year Edition – Xbox One, PS4:

8th May marks the arrival of many gamers 2014 Game of the Year. Shadow of Mordor is one of the most convincing GOTY games in recent years, blending Assassin’s Creed’s stealth with the Lord of The Rings world. But it’s the Nemesis System which really makes Shadow of Mordor trump almost every other game released in 2014.

The new and inventive Nemesis System takes the players actions in the open world and applies this to the personality and attributes of enemies. For example, if you manage to beat an Army leader in battle but it retreats, it will be demoted due to its cowardliness and then could be found somewhere else with different followers and weapons- and the boss will remember your past experience.

Why Should You Buy It? The now acclaimed Nemesis System and the inclusion of many hours of gameplay makes Shadow of Mordor: Game of the Year Edition definitely worth your money.


Farming Simulator 15 – Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, 3DS, PC:

You’re either going to love or hate Farming Simulator 15.

Expect to find over 140 vehicles for your farming pleasure, as you go about the usual every day farm jobs to the best of your ability. With a whole woodcutting section of its own (exciting eh!), and hundreds of acres of fields and pastures to plough and develop, if you have any slight interest in the farming world, Farm Sim 15 will cater for you entirely.

If you don’t- then washing tractor after tractor may become a bit tiresome!

Why Should You Buy It? The calm life of the countryside is so inviting. You should take a trip down to the farm!


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Xbox One, PS4, PC:

Are you ready to become a professional monster hunter?

Concluding the story of Geralt of Rivia, The Witcher 3 is an open world RPG jam packed full of monsters, mutations and equipment to gather. Carrying on from where previous titles have left off, Wild Hunt brings in a whole new fighting mechanic and completely enhanced environments. The choices you take could make or break your world and with hundreds of hours of gameplay promised, we could be looking at an early contender for 2015’s GOTY.

Why Should You Buy It? Chance are ALL your friends will be involved in this massive RPG. You may as well join them!

the witcher 3 wild hunt pic 2

So, a number of huge games out this month. Where will your cash be going? Let us know in the comments below.

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7 years ago

Would help if you specified what games are releasing on what platform.

Neil Watton
Reply to  km
7 years ago

Good call. Fixed 🙂

7 years ago

[…] Finley April has brought about some pretty big gaming news, but May 2015 will see the release of some […]