One of the biggest blockbusters of the year has hit the cinemas and Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron is expected to be a massive success. That’s why it’s kind of a no brainer to see Zen Studios making a Pinball FX2 table inspired by the film. Can the Avengers: Age of Ultron table HULK SMASH all other tables out of the way and be the mightiest one available?

Well you’d certainly think so, given that it has the Marvel name, the characters and Zen have all the experience in their locker of making superhero based tables.

From the minute you load up the table, you are offered a choice of difficulties – Easy, Medium and Hard – which I don’t recall seeing on any previous pinball offerings. It’s a welcome addition that helps the gameplay suit the level of the player a bit better, even though it only affects a few small things. The higher the difficulty goes, the more points you’ll earn from doing objectives and the faster the ball comes back to you. I struggled enough handling the Easy speed, which shows how it generally isn’t the easiest tables to begin with.

Anyway, the table is designed to include all the characters you’d see in the Age of Ultron film; with Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Vision and Hulk to name but a few all included. Every character has a feature related to them and usually involves taking down a number of Ultron’s robot army. Most are pretty samey in the way that they play out, either shooting the ball up the lanes and ramps where the robots are or trying to avoid the lanes they are on. Two of the better features stand out as being pretty cool, if you can trigger them of course.


The most unique feature of those two is that belonging to Hawkeye, where after getting the ball up his lane enough times to spell his name, you’ll be transported into a mini-game. A first person affair in which you must aim and shoot at robots flying around using the ball launch button and triggers. Good to see them trying something new but I’m not sure why they didn’t add more cool features like this for other characters.

The second best feature is a combined one for Hulk and Iron Man where you get two balls in play and need to hit areas one after the other with both balls. This is quite similar to the opening prelude of the table where you’ll be given two balls in order to hit spinners to help Stark work on completing Ultron… yes the subsequent mess is entirely his fault.

With many different lanes, ramps and features to trigger it is hard to criticise the table but I feel I must express disappointment in the lack of creativity for the majority of the features. That’s the only part holding back the Avengers: Age of Ultron table from being one of the best Zen Studios have to offer. There are loads of features but not enough variety in them to ramp up the entertainment value.


Overall, the look is spot on all the way down to the ball launcher which is one of Iron Man’s energy blasting hands. I can’t deny that this will be a must have for Marvel fans and any pinball enthusiasts whom are ready for a bit of a challenge.

Pinball fans assemble, for we must save the Earth in this great Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron table that goes hand in hand with the film.

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