Warface has only been bringing its free-to-play goodies the way of console players for a few months, but already the player base has reached incredible heights. As My.com celebrate, they also drop details on the upcoming update.

Since release on Xbox One and PS4 in September 2018, Warface has managed to drag in no less than 5 million players, seeing gamers the world over take in the free yet fast-paced shooter that has been stuffed full with plenty of cooperative and competitive action. In fact, since the launch of the console version, players have spent about 10.3 million hours online, played more than 2.5 million PvP matches missions and successfully completed over 126 thousand narratively drive co-operative special operations.

“Warface continues to grow in the console market. In the first week after the official release, more than 1,300,000 players from all over the world have started playing the PS version, and now the number of players on both platforms reached more than 5 million,” said Ivan Pobyarzhin, producer on the Warface Franchise. “The team continues to work hard on the development of the project to provide even more Warface to our players.”

If you thought you needed more than the multitude of game modes that are already on offer, then the upcoming Cold Peak update will no doubt be of interest – especially seeing as it will be bringing new maps, a PvE mission and Domination, the next PvP mode.

Due to hit Warface on November 27th 2018, the Cold Peak update will bring…

  • Special Operation “Cold Peak” – One of the most difficult co-operative missions in Warface, in which players will need impeccable skill, accuracy and team work. The special operation is divided into three acts, within each of which players will have to infiltrate Blackwood guarded facilities in the mountains of snowy Siberia in difficult weather conditions and low visibility.
  • 5 New Maps with Unique Modes – The Cold Peak expansion includes 5 new maps each with its own game mode including Air Base, Factory, Fortress, Residence and more. Take your parties skill to new tests of feats with new terrains to learn, adapt and dominate on.
  • Domination PvP Mode – The long-awaited PvP-mode “Domination” will require both accurate shooting skills and the ability to stay on the move to prevail. The new mode tasks players to capture and defend several key positions on the game map challenging teams to distribute their forces wisely in order to simultaneously cope with the defenses of the existing points and have time to capture new ones.

Are you one of the 5 million players to have spent time with Warface on console? Are you looking forward to the next update? Let us know in the comments below.

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