The Long Journey Home sees us helping out a space crew in distress, attempting to ensure that they can navigate their way across the galaxy, dodging alien beings, making new friends, and trying to, ultimately, find a way home. Want to check out some of the gameplay?

Watch as we blast Gareth into space to take on the herculean task of running through The Long Journey Home, ensuring that he doesn’t take any casualties in the process. After picking his crew, he’s left to go it alone in the vastness of outer space, hopping between planets, nailing gravitational pulls, and trying to make best of his limited skills in order to understand the intricacies of The Long Journey Home. Will he remember the name of his pilot? Will he understand what is required of a space traveller? You’ll only find out by watching the video below.

Recently released on Xbox One, we’ll have a full review of the game coming your way very soon – but for now, kick back and enjoy the ride that Gareth is taken on as he runs through a Let’s Play of The Long Journey Home on Xbox One. It promises to be a bumpy one…


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