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Watch Dogs: Legion – Bloodline is the game’s first story expansion since its release – and it is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Google Stadia and PC. 

Bloodlines includes two new playable protagonists, extra side missions and narrative content for players to tackle. The expansion is included in the Season Pass for £32.99 and is also available to owners of the Gold and Ultimate Editions of the game. The base game is currently kicking around for £59.99 on the Xbox Store. 

Legion’s primary selling point was that players could take control of any NPC in the game. The Bloodline DLC strips that back, giving players access to Aiden Pearce, the protagonist of the original Watch Dogs, and Wrench, one of the stars of Watch Dogs 2. The DLC promises players a more scripted narrative, rather than the emergent gameplay of Legion.

The story set up is that Aiden Pearce travels to London to infiltrate a tech lab and steal some highly classified and dangerous technology. This is until Wrench beats him to it and flees, kickstarting the story of the DLC. Our two main Watch Dogs heroes are stuck in a cat and mouse game as Aiden tries to hunt down Wrench.

Players will be controlling both of them in central missions to continue the narrative and each of them will also have their own unique side missions. Also, the DLC looks like it includes new robotic enemies, which is cool. Both characters are also available to use via free roam in the game’s open-world of London.

What’s more, all narrative events included in the introduction of Bloodline take place before the main story of Legion.

Both characters are also available to use in the game’s online multiplayer mode that Ubisoft launched in March 2021. This online mode includes PvP options as well as cooperative missions to tackle with up to 3 friends.

In our review we gave Watch Dogs: Legion a 4/5 rating, praising its “vibrant and exciting open world full of a wealth of missions, side missions and recruiting to do, complemented by some decent visuals”, even if it was a slow-burner. This addition of Bloodline should well help cement a place in the market for Watch Dogs: Legion even more. 

As well as access through the Season Pass, you’ll find the new Bloodlines content from the digital store of your choosing too – for instance, the Xbox Store for £11.99. Go grab it. 

DLC Description:

Aiden Pearce is back! Included in the Season Pass, discover Bloodline, the unique story expansion that brings Aiden and Wrench back in Watch Dogs. Aiden Pearce arrives in London to take over a contract, and this time he’s teaming up with Wrench in a new storyline set before the events of the main game. He’s caught between a powerful military robotics corporation, and a returning DedSec member with an opposing agenda. With no real allies, Aiden must rely on his grit and experience to navigate a hostile city, try to outmaneuver his enemies and keep his family intact. Bloodline available to purchase separately. Requires the Base Game.

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