It’s been a week of reviews on TheXboxHub. We had a few to get through after the release of Xbox One but for a decent review to go out, you’ve got to give a game time. There was no rush to get them written and we prefer to have plenty of gametime before dropping our reviews.

But last week saw three reviews hit.

Our FIFA 14 and Forza 5 reviews both went live on Sunday 1st December. Forza grabbed the big 5 out of 5 stars and we mentioned that whilst it isn’t a massive step up from Forza 4, it is still right up there with the best you are going to find. Fifa 14 didn’t quite manage to grab the top ratings we all expected it to get, but with the latest patch from EA going live on Saturday and removing most of the issues that had affected the game, things can only get better and we fully expect it to now start showing it’s true 5 star colours. 

fifa 14 review header

We also released our Powerstar Golf review last week and whilst it only grabbed average marks, if you were after a decent single player time waster, Powerstar should be right at the top of your list. It’s just a shame that the multiplayer mode is so weak, with no real time versus modes available for you to pit your golfing skills against your friends.

And our other review of the week was for Cubicity, an Xbox 360 Indie title. The least said about it the better and as at time of writing, we are waiting for a patch which should fix the numerous crashing issues with the game.

Away from reviews, and there was still plenty of news to get excited about……the biggest possibly being that two of the most sought after titles, Peggle 2 and The Walking Dead Season 2 both have December release dates. Both the original games received rave reviews the world over on Xbox 360 and we fully expect the sequels to again wow the world in the next few weeks. Whilst if you were after something for nothing, then you might just wish to check out the current December free Game With Gold title.

peggle 2 pic 1

And finally we mentioned a few videos that caught our eyes. Peggle 2 (again), saw a load of Masters gameplay videos released and these are pretty much must watches for anyone who has even slightly been grabbed by Peggle fever. Also, Major Nelson posted up an Xbox One tips and tricks video with all manner of helpful advice for all Xbox One owners whilst if you haven’t watched the behind the scene vid showing off the workings of The Wolf Among Us than you are missing out on something special.

And then finally (finally!), we brought you a number of exclusive TXH walkthrough videos showing off all the locations of the pesky hidden animal coins in the Xbox One version of Zoo Tycoon.

Oh, and don’t forget to grab your free Forza credits. See ya next week!

forza cash

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