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January has been a busy month for gaming. Whether it’s been the constant arrival of some of last generations best titles arriving on Xbox One’s backwards compatibility program that has had you shouting with joy, or the arrival of some fantastic new titles that have hit the Xbox Games Store in recent weeks, either way there has been more than enough on offer to ensure you have something to spend a few extra hours with.

But before you decide on what to spend your time on next, let’s take a look at this week’s Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale that will be running from January 31st – February 6th, picking out the best and worst offers as we do so.

GrabArk: Survival Evolved (Game Preview) – 50% off – £14.00

ark beavers

From the early access success upon its Steam arrival, spawning hundreds of Let’s Plays, to the delights of Xbox fans when it finally hit Xbox Game Preview, Ark: Survival Evolved is one game that gamers will certainly have been made fully aware of in the last few years – and for good reason. Whilst there may still be a few technical hiccups that are set to be ironed out before the final release, Ark is possibly one of the most ambitious survival sims out there today.

For those unaware… if there is such a thing, Ark: Survival Evolved is a simple case of Man vs Dinosaur. As the man or woman, it is up to you to decide just how to survive on the dino infested isle of Ark. It won’t just be the dinosaurs you’ll need to focus on though, with food and water as well as weather effects all taking a toll on how long you’ll be surviving, in which evolutionary changes will be the only thing keeping you from death. Whilst the price may not be the smallest to pay, the final release will only see the price soar so we recommend you pick this one up whilst it’s at a wallet friendly price.

GrabHoPiKo – 30% off – £3.91


Despite having that slightly competitive streak that’s hidden within most of us, Speed-running is not something I’ve ever found myself comfortable with. It’s probably because half of my time with a game tends to be learning how I want the controls to be and the other half spent focusing on the level of detail put in by developers. So, when HoPiKo arrived on the Xbox Games Store recently, I found myself surprised at just how much fun I was having.

In HoPiKo players must take part in the ultimate punishment of speed-running through a brutal platformer in order to save gaming as we know it from being destroyed forever. The Nanobyte Virus is out and it’s set to destroy our favourite hobby if we don’t stop it first. Each of the hundreds of hand crafted levels are split into five stage mini-runs, designed to break your mind! With fast and brutal twitch based gameplay and some of the fastest reactions known to man required to stop the virus, do you have what it takes to save gaming? – We reckon you should grab it and find out.

GrabColour Symphony 2 – %33 off – £5.35

color 2

What would you do if you returned to a place you once knew, to find everything had changed? That is the question begging to be answered in Colour Symphony 2, as players take control of a man looking to reclaim everything he has ever lost, in a world that is no longer the same as it once was.

Colour Symphony 2 is a puzzle platformer that utilizes the ambiguity of colour. Using colour, players will be able to find new paths, eliminate obstacles and solve various problems. With improved controls and level designs on offer this time round, set over 120 levels of puzzling mayhem, as well as full support for those with colour blindness or weakness, Colour Symphony 2 is accessible for everyone and is certainly worth the small price If you looking for a worthy title to for a relaxing evening.

Tempter – Lords of the Fallen Digital Complete Edition – 67% off – £11.74

lords of the fallen pic 1

Whilst this one may not quite be of the relaxing variety, it’s still a cracking game and one that will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Lords of the Fallen is very much similar in design to the popular Dark Souls games. Combat is brutal and unforgiving, the storyline is fantastic tale of grim darkness and the gameplay is engaging through every moment. Lords of the Fallen has all the qualities to make a great game, but for those who have been enjoying Xbox Live for any decent length of time, you’ll recall Lords of the Fallen being available as a free Games With Gold title just a few months back. So why would you buy it now?

This is certainly a no-brainer for those who didn’t get the chance to pick it up when it was free. But for those who did grab it and give it the time it demanded to master the combat, the idea of going back for a second bout with some fresh DLC content should appeal – and that’s the reason buying this will be of value to everyone not yet in possession of the complete edition.

The complete edition comes with all weapons and armour packs, as well as an amazing extension to the story with some intense and frantic solo content perfect for a quiet night of dark and gritty, combat heavy and torturous gameplay for the hardcore players out there.

Leave (Buy Elsewhere) – Assassin’s Creed Unity – 60% off – £9.60

ac unity pic 3

Much like the other games previously mentioned, Assassin’s Creed Unity is another worthy collection to your Xbox games library, and it certainly isn’t a lack of quality that sees me assigning it to this week’s list of titles to leave well alone.

In fact, I don’t want to tell you to leave it alone at all as Assassin’s Creed Unity may be one of my most enjoyed titles in the series. However, I will instead tell you that £9.60 is way too much to pay for this game , especially if it’s a bargain you’re looking to grab this week.

Those of you familiar with previous weekly articles will be aware of our advice to check out the deals on offer over at CDkeys. This week’s Deals With Gold price isn’t terrible, but the meager price of just £1.49 is certainly something that we can all agree is a much nicer one. And that is just how much you can pick up a digital copy of this cracking adventure for on CDkeys right now. What are you waiting for? Grab it whilst stocks last!

So there we have it, this week’s fantastic deals, and our handpicked selection that we think would be perfect for your next gaming venture. Do you agree with our choices? Let us know in the comments below and over on our usual social channels. Don’t forget to head on over to CDkeys in order to pick up a super cheap copy of Assassins Creed Unity as well as some well-priced Xbox Live credit to ensure your gaming funds go a little further this week.

Don’t forget to check out the full Xbox Live Deals With Gold discounts either.

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