If you’ve just been paid and have found yourself with a little spare cash leftover, then the least you should be doing is considering a purchase of a super cheap Xbox One or Xbox 360 game. With the Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale for 1st-7th May 2018 now in place, there are a decent number of titles coming in a bargain prices for the next week. But which are the best? And which are the god-damn worse? We take a look.

Grab – Overruled! – 75% off – £2.50

£2.50 for a hugely multiplayer-focused party title is silly money and when you’ve got the team at Team17 pushing Overruled! massively, then you know it’s worth a shot.

And it is most definitely worth a shot, especially if you can grab some like-minded mates and coerce them in to a purchase as well.

See, Overruled! takes the tried and trusted party game, and then flips it on its head, mixing up the game mechanics at every opportunity. With both local and online multiplayer present, and a decent amount of solo challenges available too, should you be looking for your next Deathmatch, King of the Hill or Capture the Flag hit, then you shouldn’t be ignoring the crazy low price tag this game is currently available for.

You may think that it’s just ‘another party game’, but Overruled! brings much more.

Tempter – Beatsplosion for Kinect – 50% off – £5.00

Yeah okay, this is a Kinect only game, but please bear with me.

Beatsplosion for Kinect from The Virtual Air Guitar Company (a small developer who just loves Kinect), is actually decent fun. And if you’re looking for a game that will keep you fit, this may just help.

Now obviously you’ll need an Xbox One Kinect attached to your console, and if you don’t, then I’m afraid it’s not looking good for you, but should you be one who has previously embraced the motion capture that it brings, then now is as good a time as any to step into the crazy world of subatomic particles, as you dance to the beat and get your body moving.

Punching your way through a field of quarks and dodging neutrinos, Beatsplosion for Kinect will ensure that you get moving, helping build coordination and rhythm in the process. Should you have Kinect to hand, then the £5 price tag it is currently available for is very much a tempting one.

Leave – Call of Duty Ghosts – 67% off – £18.15

It may be Call of Duty, but Ghosts is getting on a bit now and it’s quite possibly due to the name alone that we continue to see this game rocking up in the Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale at stupidly high prices. I mean, c’mon, what other title from 2013 can command such a high price tag? There ain’t many, I can assure you that.

And that is why CoD Ghosts is stuck here in the Leave section, because the price being requested is not one that should be attached to a 5 year old game. We want to be able to look at the Deals With Gold sale each and every week and spot a bargain, grab a decent discount and ensure that our gaming library continues to grow. Nearly £20 for Ghosts ensures that is never going to be the case.

It’s not because it’s a bad game (although as does any Call of Duty game, ask the wrong person and you’ll find a spew of hatred), but please hold tight and wait for it to come down in price a bit more. Surely that’s got to happen at some point?

As always, if you like the look of our choices and fancy giving them a shot, then make sure you head to CDKeys and nab some of their cheap Xbox Live Credit prior to getting your purchase in.

The full list of discounts available in the Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale for 1st-7th May 2018 can be found on the link below.

Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Details 1st-7th May 2018

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