The sky’s the limit for the open-world action/adventure RPG Wild Mage: Phantom Twilight as after a tremendous campaign by developers Luna Orion, it’s been successfully funded and you can expect it to release on your platform of choice at some point, yet to be defined.

Wild Mage: Phantom Twilight sees you venturing into the dangerous, but beautiful, world of Etherion, which is made up of tons of islands floating above a dense Miasma. It rises at night, with a host of terrible creatures spawning at the Miasma; the only safe area to be is at the top of the islands. The magic that keeps the islands afloat though has begun to wear off and so, the safe haven will be no more.

As a Wild Mage and the right hand of the Tower of Haven, you’ll be taking up adventures, delivering goods, escorting ships and reclaiming lost islands. Wild Mages can also acquire a wide variety of powerful spells throughout the adventures and runes are used to amplify the effect of the abilities. To become even more powerful, resources can be mined to craft relics and items of a higher standard are found right in the centre of the islands. Along the way, you’ll notice that almost everything seen is destructible in some way, due mainly to the fact that the floating islands are made with voxels. Therefore it’s possible to create tunnels and any structures already in place are damageable by spells or monsters.

Luna Orion plans to release Wild Mage: Phantom Twilight in Early Access on Steam in Q4 2019, whilst the game will also eventually launch on Xbox One, Playstation and Nintendo Switch – a date hasn’t been confirmed for these other platforms as of yet.

Do you want to travel to Etherion to become a powerful Wild Mage? Let us know on social media or via the comments section below.

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